Aeonium arboreum: flower and care

Aeonium arboreum: flower and care

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Aeonium, a genus that includes some species of succulent plants, native to the Canary Islands in most cases, with some exceptions coming from North Africa. It is therefore clear that we are talking about plants accustomed to a Mediterranean climate, in Italy they are therefore easy to grow. When it comes to Aeonium indicates different plants which may not even resemble each other very much, the characters they have in common are i stiff and thin stems, completely bare, brown, and a large, spatula-shaped rosette sticking out at the top

Aeonium: flower

It blooms in summer because when it's cold the leaves tend to close forming a kind of ball. In the warmer months, an inflorescence formed by golden yellow flowers.

We do not expect the flowers to sprout immediately, in the first summer of the plant's life, it can take a few years. Sometimes it behaves like agaves: it dies after the seeds contained in its fruits have been released, other times it survives and it blooms year after year but sporadically.

In addition to yellow, golden, there are other colors that we can find in the flowering of Aeonium but much more rarely. I am referring to white, pink and red, in various shades.

Aeonium arboreum

Among the various species of Aeonium there is this Arboreum, known because spread in different shades, as far as the leaves that can be dark, purple, brown, black, streaked. It is not easy to see this species in bloom but it has very enlarged rosettes.

Aeonium: care

Like others succulent plants, this too proves to be easy to cultivate. Even those who are careless or have little time to devote to plants, can be able to keep up with them because the maintenance works it requires are very minimal.

Yet it has an aesthetically pleasing presence, the rosettes are beautiful, at times they seem to have been studied at the table not only in the geometric and regular shape, but also in the colors. Many choose some species of Aeonium as ground cover, the important thing is to guarantee very well drained soils and protect it from frost. Regarding watering, from March to September, must be regular, in winter it is not all that necessary except once in a while.

When we choose the position of the Aeonium, we make sure that it is bright and sunny. We are now ready to plant our Aeonium plants, on Amazon a sachet of 100 seeds costs a few euros.

Black aeonium

There is also theAeonium arboreum atropurpureum "Schwartzkopf", called "black head", is one of the best known varieties in our area, and is obviously more recognizable than others. Its leaves are purple-black in foliage, we often find it mixed on the ground with theGreen-leaved arboreum both among the rocks of the gardens and inside vases, used mainly in the South.

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