Osteoporosis: natural remedies

Osteoporosis: natural remedies

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Osteoporosis, a systemic disease affecting the skeleton and which is characterized by reduced bone mass, also leads to the deterioration of microarchitecture of bone tissue. When you suffer from this disorder, you become more fragile and are more likely to suffer fractures. One of the points most at risk is the hip, but the spine and wrist are also often involved.

Osteoporosis: symptoms

Beyond the possible fractures, the symptoms of osteoporosis are not so clearly identifiable with the naked eye by an inexperienced person. More than anything else, it is an internal process that intervenes in what is said "Bone remodeling".

A kind of continuous form and reform of the bones so that they are more suitable for the functional needs of various ages. The processes of calcification and resorption are in progress, in parallel, in different areas of the same bone, and this leads to different transformations, depending on the phase that a person is experiencing. Not a mood phase but an age phase.

For example, in adulthood, there is a peripheral constructive activity that makes the external part of the bone thicker and more compact and the internal medullary canal at the same time widens more. Moving on to the senile stage, bone erosion is increasingly "aggressive" and the compactness and solidity of the bone are less, day after day. This is what it happens for senile osteoporosis, that is the "classic" one that comes with aging, and that pays off our bones are porous, light and fragile, therefore more prone to fracture.

Osteoporosis exam

It is possible to analyze the situation of our bones, just with respect to this disease. The diagnosis is clinical but laboratory tests can be performed such as ESR, complete blood count, calcium and phosphorus, total alkaline phosphatase, fractional protidemia, creatinine and calcium 24 h. In a second phase, for further tests, there are other tests that can be done, indicated by the doctor who is following us.

Osteoporosis: causes

In addition to advancing age, there are some situations that may favor the onset of osteoporosis. This disease occurs more often in the case of reduced peak bone mass, if you have ancestors who suffered from it, if you go to early or surgically induced menopause or if you have anorexia nervosa. Even if you have a low calcium diet you are at risk, or else if cortisone and anticonvulsants are used continuously.

Those with low testosterone levels, among males, or those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, who smokes or abuses alcohol, is a subject at risk.

Osteoporosis: natural remedies

It is necessary to consult a doctor when dealing with a problem such as osteoporosis, above all to understand what it comes from and the risks it makes us run. There is also a natural therapeutic approach to osteoporosis which is not an alternative but a possible addition. It acts on the specific problem of fixing calcium on the bone tissue which can be favored by a dietary change, in order to eliminate the causes of nutritional type that they hide behind osteoporosis.

Among the recommended natural remedies we find trace elements such as manganese-cobalt, and iron, or glycerin macerates such as Ribus fructicosus which consolidates the bone tissue. There are also herbal teas that can be taken in addition to or in place of Silicon, but all this must not replace the medical treatment they have indicated.

Juvenile osteoporosis

When it occurs at a very early age, osteoporosis, especially in women, is caused by one excessive thinness. This is explained by the fact that adipose tissue is able to produce a certain amount of estrogen, hormones that positively affect bone health. If it is scarce, the bone is also severely affected.

Osteoporosis: nutrition

As we have guessed, the onset of osteoporosis it often has to do with unregulated diets, with scarce and unbalanced amounts of nutrients. In the book "I don't want osteoporosis. Prevent, treat and defeat osteoporosis " by M. Luisa Brandi we find valid advice to fix our daily diet and not be subject to risk.

Osteoporosis: physical activity

A little gentle exercise, though osteoporosis, it's great. But let it be sweet. Advice and indications indedicated article.

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