Sleep apnea: natural remedies

Sleep apnea: natural remedies

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Sleep apnea, a rather frequent problem even if perhaps not many confess to have it as it is not usual to tell other nocturnal habits, which remain in the dark. However, there are data that theepidemiological studies officers provide and tell how sleep apnea affects about 2% of the female population and the 4% of the male population. It is therefore more of a male problem than a female one, and more of the over 50s than of the young.

Sleep apnea: causes

In general, they can be divided into two categories, the cases of sleep apnea, which can be central or obstructive. If central, it is caused by nervous disorders and is a secondary consequence of rare neurological diseases, if it is obstructive, it derives from a "mechanical block" of the airways. In most cases, it is obstructive a sleep apnea, and it happens more often to those who are obese or have morphological characteristics.

When you rest, the musculature is relaxed, therefore, those who, for example, have a short and thick neck or a set back chin, are more likely to have the tongue fall backwards and reduce or obstruct the passage of air. Very often sleep apnea ends as it started, spontaneously, and is accompanied by the tendency to snore, but there is no strict and obligatory correlation.

Sleep apnea: symptoms

It is easy to guess what it is but it is better to explain. It is about an involuntary interruption of normal respiratory activity during sleep. Said like this, it seems a trivial thing, which happens to everyone, but in truth if it is repeated frequently, it takes the dimension of a real syndrome which has cascading consequences on our health.

When you suffer from sleep apnea you sleep little and badly, you concentrate little, you have more headaches and you may experience a slight sense of suffocation from time to time before sudden awakening. When you wake up, you can feel it dry mouth and moodiness.

Sleep apnea: children

We have said that it mainly affects the men over 50 but there are also children who have episodes of sleep apnea, they are those who are then hyperactive and irritable during the day, often, and one can guess that this is linked.

Again, as for the adults, the cause is a temporary blockage of the passage of air in the upper airways which can last from ten seconds to a few minutes but can also be repeated several times an hour.

Sleep apnea: natural remedies

We can act to counter sleep apnea trying to change one's lifestyle, keeping the body weight regulated and following a balanced diet, to be combined with constant physical activity.
If that's not enough, you can resort to CPAP, the mask.

Sleep apnea mask

The intervention is described as a "mask" used to pump air into the airways during sleep when breathing stops. There are no gods medications details with which to try to avoid surgery, if not some sprays that could relieve symptoms. Online there are also anti sleep apnea and anti snoring masks, starting from 9 euros.

Sleep apnea: disability

When the episodes of sleep apnea are frequent, this problem becomes a form of disability for the problems it causes. Furthermore, these obstructive forms are a factor of risk for cardiovascular events even severe ones, such as stroke and heart attack and complicate the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Sleep apnea: Law 104

The law relating to road safety, takes into consideration cases of sleep apnea when it goes to deepen the physical and psychological requirements necessary for the achievement and renewal of the driving license. The syndrome of Obstructive sleep apnea (OSAS) is one of the diseases mentioned in the new rules for assessing fitness to drive as are some neurological diseases.

Sleep apnea: book

If you are often awake at night and have a good sense of self-irony, you can read an ad hoc novel. Sleep apnea by Michele Lorefice

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