Semolina: properties and recipes

Semolina: properties and recipes

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Semolina, not only for children and the elderly, but to supplement a diet and also cook pleasant and healthy recipes, since there is and is very good, the semolina cake. For example. This food is obtained from grinding of cereal grains, usually it is made of durum wheat. It is used and was also used centuries ago for preparation of soups and gnocchi, including the famous Roman-style gnocchi.

Semolina: properties

The reason it is often used for to wean young children or to feed the elderly with chewing problems, is that the semolina has a good digestibility, plus a sense of satiety and is healthy.

It looks like pasta in regards to nutritional characteristics, considering that one hectogram brings about 314 kcal, it is rich in minerals, especially magnesium, copper and selenium, it does not contain a lot of fiber and not even a lot of fats. The energy intake is mainly derived from carbohydrates, for 60% of the totalproteins also play their part though. Those suffering from celiac disease cannot consume semolina because it contains gluten.

Semolina: sweet

As anticipated, it is not only "stuff" for babies or the elderly but also a precious ingredient for recipes that can also look great at a dinner or brunch. We will also see the semolina cake with its many variations, as an example.

There are also some non-produced meal from durum wheat but from other cereals: rice and corn. Polenta is obtained from the latter. In pastry, however, the most used is the so-called "Cream of wheat", obtained by grinding soft wheat.

Semolina: recipe

Durum wheat is prepared starting from the grains of this cereal cleaned with sieves and "scrapers" and then ground. With rollers they are reduced to smaller and smaller grains that pass to the separation phase between granules of various sizes.

Durum wheat semolina is the basis of many recipes and foods, it is in fact used to prepare spaghetti, macaroni, fusilli and all other types of durum wheat pasta. Returning to children, we find this ingredient in many products intended for them such as these, for sale at 6 euros also on Amazon.

semolina dumpling

To prepare these dumplings in a saucepan we boil milk with nutmeg and salt and then pour in the semolina, stirring constantly to avoid lumps. After about 10 minutes of cooking we can add emmental and egg yolks but only after turning off the heat. Then put everything on a greased sheet of baking paper, spreading it out and letting one form layer maximum one centimeter thick.

When it has cooled, we take a cookie cutter and cut out the gnocchi to be placed in a buttered baking dish and covered with Parmesan cheese. There cooking gnocchi usually takes 25 minutes approximately with a preheated oven set at 180 °.

Semolina cake

Finally the much announced cake. We take 1.2 dl of milk, 25 gr of semolina, 70 gr of ricotta, 10 grams of butter, 40 grams of granulated sugar, an egg and a little lemon zest. Once the milk has been heated, it is mixed with the semolina with a whisk over low heat for about 5 minutes, then combined butter and sugar, finally the lemon zest, the yolk and ricotta. The very last to add is the whipped egg white. Once this is done, pour the dough into a small buttered mold and put it on in the oven for 40 minutes at 170 degrees.

Semolina in broth

Semolina-based broth is one of the simpler foods to prepare and is appreciated also for this reason, as well as for the extreme digestibility. We take 100 g of semolina and 7 cups of meat or vegetable broth, a little bit of flavor will give it parmesan together with salt.

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