Soy ice cream: calories and recipe

Soy ice cream: calories and recipe

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Soy ice cream, not necessarily less good, indeed, and then there are also those who have no choice and must necessarily choose this version of ice cream in order not to have to give up what it is in all respects a tasty snack. There are those who eat it even in winter, more and more people no longer see ice cream, and soy ice cream, as a seasonal food. You can buy it 12 months a year and therefore it can be tasted 12 months a year, it can also be prepared at home. There are many recipes to prepare a great vegan ice cream without milk and without eggs.

Soy ice cream: calories

To eliminate any doubt and avoid relying on urban legends on the calories, of ice cream as of other foods, we immediately clarify that a pound of soy ice cream contains about 96 calories, much less than other types of ice cream. If you then choose or prepare a soy ice cream with fructose, its sweetening power and its "anti-freezing" power are exploited.

Soy ice cream: nutritional values

It is obvious that there is no lactose in soy ice cream, in fact, it contains milk derived from legumes, consequently it is very rich in proteins as well as of isoflavones and lecithin, an important substance because it regulates blood cholesterol levels. If you use the fructose, or another type of natural sweetener, soy ice cream can also be consumed by those who are suffering from hyperglycemia.

Soy ice cream makes you fat

Given the number of calories it brings a pound of this type of ice cream, we can say that it does not make you fat but we must remember that it is rich in protein, so quite nutritious. To try to make it more dietary, you can also use spices such as vanilla, licorice, cinnamon to give flavor, avoiding other less healthy and more sugary mixes.

Soy ice cream: recipe

To prepare a vegan mozzarella ice cream, and soy, they serve 200 ml of soy milk, 200 ml of vegetable cream, 150 grams of brown sugar. Just put all this in the ice cream maker and let it work for about half an hour, or mix with a blender and then pour the mixture into a container to be placed in the freezer, stirring every half hour.

Homemade soy ice cream

If we do homemade soy ice cream and we want to make children like it too, we choose the chocolate one. Just add 150 gr of dark chocolate to the previous recipe, to be melted in a pan with a little soy milk before adding it to the rest. There are those who exaggerate in gluttony and add also some flakes of hazelnut.

Vegan soy ice cream

We are always faced with soy ice cream which, not being made with cow's milk, is in vegan version. If we don't want to use soy, we can opt for lvegetable attitudes with vanilla and use the flour, sugar, lemon and a little grated ginger. If the strawberry flavor is our favorite, it can be made at home by adding them together with 2 teaspoons of maple syrup.

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