In Switzerland it is debated that the rights of pets are included in the Constitution

In Switzerland it is debated that the rights of pets are included in the Constitution

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In Switzerland, a debate has arisen that seeks to include the rights of animals, especially domestic animals, in its Constitution. It also seeks to incorporate "organic farming" norms and take into account a popular initiative against intensive livestock farming.

The Federal (Executive) Council studied the popular initiative “no to intensive farming in Switzerland"And showed his willingness to incorporate into the national Constitution"respectful housing for production animals”.

Among the claims, the obligatory nature of regular exits of these domestic animals in the open air and respectful conditions during their slaughter is also requested.

An example of the consideration of animals in Switzerland is the particular case of domestic cats and their access to the outdoors. There are special ladders for these animals that number almost 1.5 million in the country.

There they have freedom, autonomy and a specific cat architecture. Custom-made stairs and ramps are designed so that cats can come and go as they please, without relying on someone to open the door for them.

Organic farming

The Federal Council also asked to incorporate into the Constitution rules of the so-called “ecological agriculture", Although he was more reluctant to do so as it would be"incompatible with trade agreements”And difficult to generalize.

Among the initiatives, for example, it is requested that the resting areas of pigs be covered with bedding - which according to certain studies improves the resistance of these animals to diseases

All claims and initiatives would be submitted to a referendum in the quarterly call on November 29.

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