World record: 54 degrees in Death Valley

World record: 54 degrees in Death Valley

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The thermometer reached 54.4 degrees Celsius in California's Death Valley National Park, which would be the record temperature record, in history on Earth since at least 1913.

The preliminary reading, which was 54 degrees Celsius, is now in the process of official verification. This measurement was taken by an automatic observation system.

The highest record of 54 degrees Celsius at Greenland Ranch on Furnace Creek (the Arroyo del Horno) within the Valley, occurred on July 10, 1913.

A higher reading of 56.6 a century earlier is disputed, also in Death Valley. Some modern climate experts believe that measurement was wrong.

Also in 1931 a possible temperature record for the planet was recorded in Tunisia, 131 ° F or 55 ° C, but climate historian Christopher Burt said that this reading, as well as others recorded in Africa during the colonial era, had “serious credibility problems“.

A Stage 3 Emergency has already been declared, which means “When demand (for electricity) begins to exceed supply". The region's power relies on solar and wind power, and there have already been two days of blackouts in California after a power plant failed overloading on Saturday.

The heat wave that has affected most of the southwestern United States since last week, could continue in the coming days and even exceed this record.

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