They present a plan to create a universal list of species

They present a plan to create a universal list of species

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The single species classification system could end centuries of disagreement and enhance global efforts to address biodiversity loss.

A plan to create the first universally recognized list of species on Earth has raised hopes of ending centuries of disagreement and confusion over how to classify the world's life library.

The 10-point plan aims to finally bring order with an authoritative list of the world's species and a governance mechanism responsible for their quality. The researchers hope that a single recognized list will enhance global efforts to address biodiversity loss, trade in endangered wildlife, biosecurity and conservation.

With at least 26 competing concepts, biologists have never agreed on what constitutes a species, the most basic classification of an organism. As a result, conservation organizations, national governments, and scientists often use separate lists of mammals, fungi, and other organisms with different taxonomic descriptions.

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