Lose weight and regulate your cholesterol with ginger

Lose weight and regulate your cholesterol with ginger

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Many people turn to invasive cosmetic treatments, surgeries, creams, medications, and crazy diets. The problem is that many of these things can cause more problems than solutions, and others will not even show the desired result.

Most experts insist that to lose weight in health it is necessary, first of all, to review certain habits that can be harmful. It is useless to go on a "starvation diet" and think that the body will not complain about it. In the same way, it is useless to eat well only for a while, and by the time you achieve the desired results, return to fatty foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Therefore, before starting any diet, talk to your doctor and discuss with him which one will be the most suitable for you.

Now we are going to teach you two ginger recipes that are delicious and easy ways to help you lose that localized fat, which bothers some people a lot.

How Ginger Can Help With Weight Loss

1. With green tea

This mixture helps to burn and eliminate fat, if consumed several times a day.


Green tea: 1 cup, fresh

Ginger: 1 teaspoon, grated


Just mix the two ingredients and drink.

2. With lemon

Very suitable for losing localized fat in the belly, it is still a tasty and comforting alternative.


Water: 1 cup

Lemon: 1/2, juice only

Ginger: 1 teaspoon

Honey: to taste, to sweeten


1. Bring the water to the fire, along with the lemon juice and wait until it reaches the boiling point (when those balls start to appear at the bottom of the pan);

2. Put in a cup and mix the ginger and honey and you are ready to drink.

The advice in this article is not a substitute for consulting a doctor. Remember that each organism is unique and may react differently from the one mentioned. And to obtain the mentioned results it is also necessary to combine a healthy and balanced life and diet.

By Camila Emanuella. Article in Portuguese

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