Thistle, a wild, edible and medicinal herb

Thistle, a wild, edible and medicinal herb

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Many times on the road, abandoned land or in the garden itself, a thistle appears. Its thorny leaves and its purple or pink flower are unmistakable ... it seems that of an artichoke. It is an edible and medicinal herb.

How to consume Thistle

This publication shows how to consume the stem, leaving it as a kind of celery. But its root, flowers and even leaves are also edible.

To consume it, the leaves were carefully harvested from the base. With a pair of scissors the parts of the leaves with thorns were cut, leaving only the stem, and then they were boiled for about 15 minutes. The boiling time varies according to taste ... the less time it cooks, the more bitter the Thistle will be.

Then they are seasoned with olive garlic and lemon, and voila! That is the basic preparation, from here, everyone can invent their dish with this edible herb.

Properties of thistle

It favors the regeneration of liver cells, it is a powerful antioxidant and purifies the body of harmful substances. It is high in calcium, it also contains potassium, phosphorus, iron and selenium. It reduces blood cholesterol and is also very appropriate for people looking to lose weight due to its low caloric value.

Medicine and good food surround us, it is up to us to become aware of it. In times of food crisis this knowledge is necessary. If you know of any edible herb with good nutritional value, feel free to share it.