How to make natural incense at home and enjoy its benefits

How to make natural incense at home and enjoy its benefits

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Did you know that you can make incense at home? Made without resins, only with leaves, it is much healthier and more aromatic. But to work, it must be done correctly. See how to prepare it correctly and what are the ideal plants to use.

How to make incense at home

Much easier than you think, making your own incense has several advantages. First of all, if you grow your own plants, the cost is almost zero. In addition, you take better advantage of the natural properties of each one, having a more faithful aroma. And the best part is without a doubt the artisan process, which can become your new hobby or even profession!

To prepare it, follow these steps:

-Choose the leaves you will use, choosing a dry and sunny day. If you pick up when they are wet, there is a greater chance of mold and you will lose all your work;

-Cut at the stem, not so close to the root;

-Clean and finish drying the sheets with a soft cloth;

-Tie some branches or leaves together with a cotton thread, tightening well. The tighter it is, the longer it takes to burn out;

-Choose only healthy leaves. If you have any stain or disease, please remove;

-Let it dry for a few weeks to burn. To do this, take the incense sticks and hang them in a dry place with good air circulation;

-When they are ready to use, you can store them in a cardboard box until it is time to use them.

To burn, simply light the tip of the incense and hold it for 2 minutes, until the fire stabilizes. Then just blow gently to extinguish the flame, leaving only the bright tips. Put it on an incense holder and enjoy!

The best plants for incense

For excellent results, choose the right plants that you like the scent. See what the best options are and what each one is for.


Lavender is a delight and leaves the house super fragrant, in addition to cleaning the energies of the place. It calms, reduces anxiety, helps to relieve pain and leaves the environment more pleasant. Despite calming down, it provides greater tenacity, helping to perform daily tasks.


Rosemary is indicated for those who need to concentrate more and work on memory, improving learning and also productivity. Plus, it helps you stay focused during an important task, making it perfect for those who work at home.


Super easy to find, you can easily plant mint at home. Its natural incense has invigorating properties, giving energy and readiness for the day to day. It also helps you stay focused and calm while working or studying.


Yes, she makes wonderful tea, and have you seen how aromatic it is? Lemon balm is perfect for insomnia sufferers, but nothing to let incense burn while you sleep, okay? It also helps treat depression and reduces stress.


Well known as a great natural remedy, eucalyptus leaves can make a much-needed incense. This is because it keeps the environment clean, not only in terms of intangibles, but also viruses and bacteria. Eucalyptus keeps the air clean, reducing the chances of spreading disease.

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