If you could power your entire house with 60 minutes of cycling, would you do it?

If you could power your entire house with 60 minutes of cycling, would you do it?

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With just one hour of pedaling, this stationary bike can generate power for an entire home for 24 hours.

The Indian businessman Manoj Bhargava, made the dream of an efficient energy generating bicycle come true that can power a whole house for 24 hours with just one hour of pedaling.

This innovative bike is part of a project to bring electricity to places that experience frequent power outages or can only access power for a few hours a day. Today, having access to electricity has become essential and Bhargava's mission is to bridge the gap for those who suffer from poverty and thus provide them with more opportunities in life.

Free Electric, the bicycle that generates electricity, is also designed to generate better health, more free time, better access to education and opportunities for entrepreneurship.

This clean technology technology, in addition to helping people in poverty, can be used with a sustainable objective, reducing the use of fossil fuels and generating energy without polluting. In addition, the system encourages its users to be in better physical condition thanks to cardiovascular exercise.

As if that were not enough, Free Electric can be used in cases of natural disasters, or even man-made, since this type of electricity would not depend on that generated and sold by power companies.

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