5 ways to have more control over your life

5 ways to have more control over your life

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Being in control of your life means making the most of your circumstances and using your strengths to your advantage. It means choosing what you give your energy to, realizing that you can't change everything in life. You can only change yourself, so it makes sense to search for answers within yourself. The more control you have over yourself, the less you need to control situations and people outside of yourself.

When most people look at the world today, they only see chaos and confusion. However, by calming the mind and only paying attention to what matters, we can gain clarity about life. By tuning in to our higher selves, we can understand our purpose. Then we can begin to formulate a plan that aligns with our overall desire.

Most of us could probably agree that we want to have more control over our lives. How can we make life respond to us, instead of just happening to us? We have some powerful life-changing tips below.

"An incredible change occurs in your life when you decide to take control of what you have power instead of yearning for control over what you don't have." ? Steve Maraboli



Our senses are constantly bombarded with stimuli from television shows to commercials to movies. We live in a fascinating, noisy and chaotic world, and this can wreak havoc on our nervous systems. Many people today suffer from brain fog, racing thoughts, and anxiety due to so many distractions. Technology plays an important role in this, as we have access to millions of applications, games and information in the palm of our hands.

In this world of distractions, how can we limit our exposure to these stimuli? Here are some tips:


Research shows that even the presence of your phone in your workspace lowers your cognitive ability. Ideally keep your cell phone in another room, or just out of sight while you work. Limiting your distractions while you work will increase your performance and your mental capacity.


Watching hours of television or YouTube videos can easily overload your senses and dull your thinking. Try not to watch more than an hour of television per day, to have more mental stamina to be productive.


If you've been working for a while, be sure to take breaks outside in the environment. Studies have shown that being immersed in nature can reduce stress, increase attention span, and boost mood.


Perhaps the most critical advice in this article, studies have shown the incredible benefits of meditation. We live in a very chaotic and ever-changing world, but meditation can help you anchor your consciousness so that you stay afloat when the seas are rough. In other words, meditation allows you to become an objective observer of your experiences rather than just a victim of circumstance. Helps you weather storms instead of being thrown by them.

You want to limit what you allow in your field of consciousness; This applies to both your thoughts and external stimuli. Keep your ideas simple and you will attract this same energy to yourself.


Did you know that you can “catch” people's spirits? After all, they say that we are the sum of the five people we surround the most. It makes sense that we collect the energies of those with whom we surround ourselves. If you want to have more control over your life, see who you allow in your space.

If you want to feel more positive, just choose to surround yourself with those who match this frame of mind. Of course, no one can stay cheerful all the time, but you don't want to spend time with those who always complain or talk negatively about life. Even joining groups on Facebook or following people who never seem happy can lower your mood.

Surround yourself with people who encourage you and who want to see you become your best self. Choosing the right friends and communities will give you a sense of control over your life. By changing your mindset to a more positive one, you will also attract these types of people.


Most people today don't get close enough to exercise. According to the CDC, between 2010 and 2015, more than 75% of Americans did not receive the recommended amount of weekly cardio and strength training. As life moves even faster today, this number has probably only increased. Physical activity releases feel-good endorphins that promote brain health and emotional balance. Not to mention, exercise improves strength, endurance, and many different health markers in the body.

Studies have shown that sitting for long periods can increase your risk of premature death. Most people sit for eight hours a day at work, so exercising sooner or later is vital to overall health. Even a simple walk around the block for twenty minutes or stretching in the morning before work can make a difference.

Other studies have shown that exercise can help increase your self-control, giving you more control over your life. As we said before, the more you can control yourself, the less you will feel anxious or worried about things outside of yourself.

If you work at a typical desk or have to work at home for eight or more hours a day, be sure to get up and move around regularly. On lunch breaks, go outside and take a short walk after eating. If you work at home, try to get up at least once an hour for a few minutes. This habit will make a noticeable difference in your mood and concentration levels.

4 - stick to a routine

Humans need routines in their lives to feel stable and in control. Our minds and bodies need regularity so that we can maintain a sense of order in our lives. Especially if you work from home, a routine will help you organize your day and stay focused on what matters. You want to go to bed and wake up at the same time, most importantly, and check off the most difficult tasks of your day first. Take the time to meditate, stretch, or do yoga in the morning.

Also, make exercise and healthy meals part of your routine to keep your energy high. Limit your exposure to stimuli, as we suggested above, and make time for nature. If you take care of yourself first, your life will improve exponentially and you will have more control over your circumstances.


Easier said than done, we know, but bad habits can put a damper on your life. If you always give in to what your ego wants, whether it asks you for more food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or entertainment, you will never control it. Winning the battle over the ego requires you to deny yourself immediate satisfaction so that you can achieve long-term results.

This mindset shift goes for whatever goal you may have, from meditation to writing a book to starting a business. Gaining control of your life often involves facing your deepest fears and weaknesses and recognizing where you can improve. From there, try to eliminate one bad habit per week and replace them with good habits.

For example, if you have become addicted to smoking cigarettes, stop using them by replacing the cigarette with something else. Check in with your state of mind when you want a cigarette; stress often leads us to crave substances that relax us. You could go for a run, call a friend, work on your goals, or cook a healthy meal. You just need a distraction, but a healthy one.

Apply this same logic to every harmful habit you have and watch your life change. Tell yourself that going to the gym and eating healthy rewards you while you smoke and eat junk food. This practice will make healthier habits easier to follow.


We all yearn for more control in our lives, whether it's our finances, relationships, health, or jobs. Many of us just don't know where to start to save ourselves from the disaster that life brings. However, choosing to follow the tips above will help you achieve great results in this battle. If you find yourself living on autopilot and only accept what life throws at you, stop and take a breath.

Think about how you could actively change your situation. Limit your stimuli, exercise, take care of your mental and emotional health, choose positive people, eliminate bad habits and create a routine. By doing all of these things, you will tip the scales more in your favor and have more control over your life.

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