How to make a citrus vinegar to clean the house

How to make a citrus vinegar to clean the house

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Let everyone know that cleaning the house with vinegar is excellent. In addition to degreasing and rinsing, it also disinfects like few other products. Of course, during use, that salad smell is a bit strange. Although it fades over time, some people prefer not to use it. But did you know that you have a solution? Let's see how to make a citrus vinegar and leave your home smelling fresh while cleaning!

Vinegar with lemon or orange peel.

Perfect for cleaning, from the floor of the house like countertops, sinks, windows and even the bathroom, this citrus vinegar is super fragrant. Plus, it's perfect for killing germs that can make your family sick, including mites, fungi, and even some of the most common types of viruses and bacteria.

Another important point is that it does not pollute the environment, as do industrial disinfectants, which destroy the quality of the planet's water. And of course it's super cheap. By adding citrus peels and other ingredients, it is super fragrant and much more effective. See how easy it is to do and make your home that much cleaner.


-Alcohol vinegar: 1 liter

-Orange or lemon peel: enough to fill the bottle

-Fresh rosemary: to taste

-Cinnamon sticks: to taste

-Sterile bottles: enough.


-Wash the shells and place in the sterilized jar until almost full.

-Put the other ingredients, if you want, to give other aromas.

-Fill with vinegar to cover all the peels.

-Cover well and leave in a dry and protected place for 3 weeks.

-Strain and use in cleaning as you prefer. You can store it in the bottles and then use it in the bucket or spray bottle.

Your home will be clean, smelling and much more sustainable. It can be used pure or diluted, avoiding only passing marble stones, as they can corrode over time. Now that you know how to prepare, start reserving the lemon and orange peels for your citrus vinegar.

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