New pet transport service in the city of Madrid

New pet transport service in the city of Madrid

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My Animal Car offers a pet taxi service that allows you to travel to any corner of Spain

At present, pets They have become a member of the family, so it is not surprising that more and more people decide to do a multitude of activities with them. However, it is not always possible to move pets from one place to another, since most urban means of transport do not allow their access.

So that this situation is not a problem, in the city of Madrid a new service of pet transport called My Animal Car, which carries out private transfers of pets to different parts of Spain. A company that has a large fleet of vehicles, which have licenses and authorizations issued by the Government of the Community of Madrid.

My Animal Car offers a service of pet taxi -dogs, cats, rodents, etc.- in the style of other companies such as Uber or Cabify, but with the peculiar characteristic of transporting pets exclusively - people and luggage are also accepted. All My Animal Car drivers have animal welfare qualifications, so that companion animals travel in the best conditions.

What kind of pets can be transported?

The Madrid company My Animal Car offers a pet transport service that is operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so the online booking it can be done at any time. A quick and easy reservation process, which in most cases does not usually take more than 1 minute. In it, users must fill in some essential information such as the details of the trip, the rate or the method of payment.

In My Animal Car they move all kinds of pets, as long as the company can carry out the service with all the guarantees. Some of the pets that use the taxi service more frequently are dogs and cats, although ferrets, birds, rodents and reptiles have also found accommodation in the transport vehicles of this Madrid company.

In any case, the My Animal Car team offers a transport service, in which both comfort and safety are guaranteed at all times. The vehicles in the fleet are very spacious, so that pets can travel accompanied by people or with luggage. Without a doubt, the best way to travel with pets to any corner of the Iberian Peninsula.

Pet Taxi Service Features

As mentioned above, the pet transport service offered by My Animal Car allows moving pets from one place to another. Therefore, the company's vehicles make different types of trips, either to make a visit to the vet or to go immediately to the 24-hour emergency service.

But pet taxi service My Animal Car goes much further, since owners can book a trip for the pet to be transferred to a hairdresser or to a residence. Of course, the pet transport service also includes adoption transfers, so that people can enjoy the new member of the family as soon as possible.

In addition, the My Animal Car team of professionals offers the possibility of transport pets -and their companions- to stations and airports, so that people can travel by train or plane in the company of their favorite animal -in the vehicle there is enough space to move the luggage of both.

Advantages of pet transport

Currently, the Madrid company My Animal Car offers an exclusive service of transport of pets. In other words, in My Animal Car the customers are the pets, so the travel service is totally geared towards them. In the market there are other companies such as Seur, Nacex or DHL that also transport animals, but in conditions quite different from those of this Madrid company.

In the case of My Animal Car, transfers are made in spacious cars that are specifically equipped to offer a comfortable and safe trip. Luxury vehicles with a private driver - in the style of companies like Uber or Cabify - that guarantee a pleasant journey for pets and their companions. During the trip, pets are not held in cages or gates, but are secured with double anchor harnesses and with the seat belt of the tourism itself. It can therefore be said that pets They travel in the same conditions as humans, so they enjoy great freedom throughout the journey.

By Claudio Mazza

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