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Cold cream of carrots and mango

Cold cream of carrots and mango

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This delicious recipe is ideal to refresh our body in summer. It also serves to hydrate us. Carrots and mango give it a very special flavor.

It is a cold soup or cream option that you have to dare to try and it is also very simple to prepare.

The cold cream of carrots and mango is a good alternative to gazpachos and it is also very satiating with a pleasant sweet touch that makes it different. Of course, it can be varied using other garnishes such as crunchy onion or ham cubes to provide more contrasts.

Ingredients for 4 people:

  • Half a branch of celery
  • Half piece handle
  • Carrot 500 gr
  • Water
  • Salt
  • Fresh ginger a piece of about 2 cm
  • Liquid cream (Optional)


-Elaborating this recipe will take us about 30 minutes.

-First you have to clean the celery and remove the threads, to later chop it into pieces, reserving some to decorate when we serve the cold cream.

-Then we also peel the carrots and remove the meat from half of the mango, saving the rest for other preparations.

-In a metal container we put water, a pinch of salt, the rest of the celery and the carrots cut into pieces. Cook for about 20 minutes until the carrots are very tender and easy to mash.

-In a blender we put the cooked carrots with the mango meat and the celery and ginger pieces and beat until obtaining a puree. If it is too thick, we can use part of the cooking water or you can also add a splash of liquid cream.

-After achieving the desired texture, we put it to cool in the refrigerator before serving in small containers.

-We can decorate with a few pieces of celery that will provide more freshness and a crunchy texture.


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