Moon butterfly: the most beautiful and coveted by men

Moon butterfly: the most beautiful and coveted by men

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She is considered the most beautiful among butterflies. At least, this is how an article from the University of Florida describes him, giving as proof of his popularity the fact that, in the United States, his image has already stamped a special collection of stamps and the cover of a guide on his species, in addition to have inspired animated characters in a television commercial.

Even its name evokes beauty: the moon butterfly (Actias Luna) is so named because of the circular shapes that adorn each of its wings. The green color and the elongated tail, like the tail of a swallow, make them unique specimens.

For precisely this reason, unfortunately, they are the target of the greed of collectors, who take advantage of their natural attraction to light to capture them in urban settings.

This, in fact, is one of the causes that compromise the preservation of their species, whose population, like that of all other insects, has already suffered drastic reductions due to the excessive use of pesticides and deforestation.

It is necessary to save all insects to save human existence.

Short but good life

The purpose of the life of this insect is the mating for the preservation of the species.

As the following post explains, the moon butterfly lives for about a week, as it does not have a digestive system. Therefore, it needs to feed in the caterpillar stage.

Males generally emerge from cocoons first and gain an advantage over females.

Under normal conditions, their reproductive cycle begins in the spring, when the females spawn on walnut leaves, which then serve as food for the newly hatched larvae.

When they reach about 8 cm long, they build their cocoon, which falls to the ground in autumn and thus goes through winter, until, together with spring, a moth rises to the sky.

As researchers from the University of Florida explain, the scent of women is capable of attracting men to considerable distances. When the reunion takes place, nature fulfills its role: and then everything begins again. This, of course, if the man does not interfere in the process.

Fall in love with this wonder that Mother Nature created by watching the following video:

Gisele Maia. Article in Portuguese

Video: Moths vs Butterflies. Whats the difference? (July 2022).


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