Pellet stoves with kitchen

Pellet stoves with kitchen

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Pellet stoves with kitchen: they produce enough heat to heat the hob and the whole house. Let's find out how much they cost and what advantages they offer.

More than ofpallet stoves with kitchenit's aboutkitchensable to heat the home, better definedheating cookers.

In commerce it is possible to findpellet stovesor wood. Thestoves with wood stoveshave a very ancient history: they were invented in England in the first half of the 1800s and arrived in Italy under the name of kitchenseconomic because it was a kitchen capable of consuming less fuel than an open fireplace and suitable for other uses such as cooking, drying laundry or even heating water.

The "economic kitchen" from its debut to today has come a long way to deserve it in the name ofheating cooker. On the market it is possible to find different models, there are kitchens composed of the classic hearth (pellet or wood fired) with cast iron plates and with or without oven but there are even more advanced models where the heating function is improved by the latest technologies.

Theheating cookersthe best ones can function as authentic onespellet stovesthat integrate a hob! They have systems to control combustion ecanalizationsoptimized to heat several rooms or even the whole house.

Pellet stoves with kitchen, ducted kitchen

As explained in the articlehow to channel a pellet stove, thanks to channeling systems, apellet stoveit can bring heat to different rooms or to the whole house.

How the pellet stove works with pellet cooker or thermo cooker

In the classicspellet kitchens(cheap kitchens), the heat produced by combustion, not used for cooking food, is conveyed outside the house or, in the case ofheating cookers, comes out of a front fan and manages to heat the room where the kitchen is installed.

In the most recent models, hot air can be conveyed by means of wall pipes and transported to different rooms. The temperature can be adjusted with a remote control since the kitchen behaves like an authentic latest generation ducted pellet stove.

The kitchen, independently, is able to adapt the combustion in order to quickly reach the desired temperature. Thethermal cookersmore advanced, have the classic hob, a dedicated plate and a pellet ovenwhich, like the classic electric or gas ovens, can be used as a static pellet oven and ventilated pellet oven.

In summer, or when you don't want to use the functionstove, the oven can be operated by electricity, functioning as a normal electric oven. Even the hob and the plates can be operated with gas or electricity in the summer. For use in the summer, thethermal cookersorpellet stoves with kitchenhave hobs that can be gas, glass ceramic orinduction hobwhich runs on electricity; the induction hob could be the optimal solution to power the biomass kitchen in the winter and take advantage of the photovoltaic roof to power it in the summer.

In the photo above is shown thepellet stoveNeos 155 pge, between pellet stoves with kitchen most advanced on the market. The stove in question can be ducted to heat the entire house. For more information on how pellet stoves work, we refer you to the article dedicated to the differences between pellet stove, thermo stove and pellet boiler

In the second photo, the kitchen with pellet oven automatic and programmable, of the Fire Line. In this case, the price of the pellet stove with an oven with a power of 8 kW amounts to 1800 euros.

If you are fascinated by the possibility of taking advantage of the aroma of wood essences for cooking, in addition to pellet ovenand atthermal cookers we recommend other systems for cooking with pelletspellet barbecue.

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