How to clean the oven glass

How to clean the oven glass

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How to clean the oven glass: instructions for cleaning the oven glass, frominterior of the double glass to the most stubborn stains to be removed with baking soda and vinegar.

The oven comes into direct contact with food so for its cleaning it is necessary to use natural products that are not harmful to health. For clean the oven and its parts (double glass, gasket, internal door ...), avoid the use of chemical detergents and to remove even the most encrusted stains, use natural ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar and lemon.

Cleaning the oven with lemon is very useful in case ofbad smell,citric acid has the ability to eliminate bad odors. In this case, just rub half a lemon, passing it along every surface as if it were a sponge: this practice is recommended after cooking fish or eggs, whose vapors can generate an unpleasant smell. Always in order to eliminate the bad smell in the oven it is recommended to leave the door open after using the appliance.

As for the glass, the external surfaces can be easily cleaned by preparing a solution of water, sodium bicarbonate and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar. Stir the mixture and wait for the foam to settle. Transfer the liquid to a spray bottle and spray the surface of the glass to be cleaned. With a soft sponge, scrub the stains to be removed. If the stains are stubborn, let the product act for a few minutes or rub the sponge when the oven door is still hot (but not hot).

To avoid the formation of halos or streaks, as you manage to remove the stains or food residues, rinse the sponge and spray new solution with bicarbonate. When the oven glass is perfectly clean, dry thoroughly with a microfiber cloth specific for glass.

How to clean the oven glass, the double glass

The glass of the oven is the most difficult to clean because it comes into close contact with greasy food brought to high temperatures. In addition, that of the oven is ainsulated glass, that is a double glass with a gap between the two sheets.

The problem arises when the seals of the double glass wear out and the vapors reach the cavity, carrying small drops of oil and food particles with them. The scenario can be really inconvenient: no matter how hard you try to clean the surface of the glass from the outside or inside of the oven, nothing changes! The dirt has now reached the cavity of the double glass.

In this case, forclean the oven glassyou will have to disassemble the door and lift one of the glass plates. This option is allowed in most cases but not all ports allow disassembly.

For example, in mine Ariston HotSpot oventhere are no screws but the double glass of theovenit can be easily disassembled with a snap mechanism. Many ovens take advantage of this mechanism and forclean the glass just open the oven door, place both palms on the glass and pull it towards you, being careful not to damage the gaskets.

The photo above shows the double glass of my oven. As you can see there are no screws but the double glass is fixed with an interlocking mechanism. It is not very difficult to disassemble and reassemble it but you have to be careful to put the clips back in place and put the glass back in the right direction. By disassembling the double glass it will be possible to clean any grease stains and those annoying halos also visible from the outside of the oven.

If the vapors often reach the inside of the double glass, it means that the gaskets are worn out or too loose and therefore - if you are not very skilled with DIY - the intervention of a technician or customer assistance provided by the parent company that produced the oven is recommended.

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