Bleeding gums, remedies

Bleeding gums, remedies

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Gums that bleed: causes, remedies and all the information on how to cure gingivitis.

Contrary to popular belief, when it comes tooral hygieneit does not refer only to the teeth and the use of the toothbrush. Oral hygiene is something that affects the entire mouth cavity, including the tongue, palates and gums.

With the termgingivitis, we refer to a generic inflammation of the area surrounding the teeth, the gum. The maincauseof thegum bleedingit is given by incorrect oral hygiene, in particular by the formation of plaque.

Gums that bleed, causes

Before seeing what theremediesand effective treatments for thegum bleeding, let's quickly analyze the causes of this discomfort.

The most common reason is related to poor or ineffective oral hygiene:even if you brush your teeth every day and several times a day, you don't necessarily have to do it right!When brushing your teeth, you need to brush every area of ​​your mouth, even the back of your teeth! The use of an electric toothbrush is recommended but, even more, the use of dental floss is recommended.

Dental floss is effective in the prevention and treatment of plaque and tartar which are the main onescausegingival bleeding. Dental floss is a real onemanna from heavenfor teeth health: prevents plaque, tartar, tooth decay, bad breath and yellow teeth. For all instructions on correct use, read our guideHow to use dental floss, on the page there is also a demonstration video very useful for everyone, even for those who already use dental floss.

Otherscauseswhich can affect the health of the gums are linked to dietary deficiencies, in particular calcium and vitamins. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia are also related togingivitisas well as more serious diseases such as leukemia, liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction ... Bleeding gums can be a symptom of a more complex and frightening picture, so, in the presence of other alarm bells, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor about trust.

Bleeding gums, remedies

A dental office chair can be a scary place, however, to ensure good gum health as well have white teeth, it is recommended to undergo a session ofteeth cleaningonce every six months. In this paragraph we will see which are thenatural remediesto treat overly sensitive and bleeding gums.

Attention, sensitive gums could indicate the presence of tartar or dental caries. In this context you can find natural remedies and solutions in the articles entitled

  • Natural remedies for sensitive teeth
  • Dental caries, natural remedies

Gums that bleed, natural remedies:

  • - Gargling with salt water
    The treatment is simple, dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Use this solution to rinse your mouth for about 1 - 2 minutes. Repeat this procedure after the classic tooth brushing.
  • - Tea bags
    The sachets used to prepare a tea infusion can be recycled for the treatment ofgums that bleed. When the sachet is still hot (but not hot), apply it to the affected area and let the pack last for about 4 - 5 minutes. It is an ancient grandmother's remedy but with certain bases: the tea bags contain tannic acid, perfect for relieving gum disease.
  • - Clove essential oil
    The essential oil of clove oil should be used diluted in extra virgin olive oil. How to do? Add 10 drops of clove essential oil to a tablespoon of olive oil, wet a cotton swab to dab on the gums to be treated. Alternatively, you can chew dried cloves.
  • - Fighting tartar
    Tartar severely damages the gums. To have healthy and strong gums, follow the instructions given in the guide articleHow to get rid of tartar.

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