Instant electric water heater

Instant electric water heater

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Instant electric water heater: there is better for our wallet, for the health of the environment and for our home, but sometimes there are no alternatives. Before talking about it I prefer to remember that it is instant electric water heater it is not the most efficient solution and one that exists for heating water for domestic use methane models, with better performance.

If we are ready for a truly green change, change for change, immediately adopt a solar thermal system that allows you to heat the water using solar energy. Given that the electric boiler or water heater remains very present in Italian homes, we try to optimize its use and installation.

Low consumption instant electric water heater

More effective and with less energy consumption: with some precautions we can better use ours instant electric water heater if we can't change it. We can act on its size, its positioning and also on the thermal insulation that the environment that hosts it provides: otherwise they are literally wasted energy. And not only that: money and heat too.

It is definitely a waste to buy and keep one oversized instant electric water heater, energy and economic. Before buying one, let's think about how much we will use it in the family: to get an idea, on average a family of 4 to 6 people consumes 180-200 liters of water per day, a couple around 60 liters.

Understanding the liters we want, in choosing the model of instant electric water heater we can focus attention on that ad high energy efficiency, which promise to limit consumption, some even cut energy costs by up to 70%. They are often models with one heat pump powered by electricity, in general, the larger the heating surface, the more efficient performance is guaranteed.

Also the where, install one instant electric water heater affects consumption: never too far from what we need and from the rest of the appliances to which it will have to connect. Finally, wherever we place the chosen instantaneous electric water heater, we check and, if necessary, improve thethermal insulation environment avoiding proximity to very cold or damp windows or walls.

Instant electric water heater for shower

When we use one instant electric water heater for the shower, it is used at particular times, and sometimes it can be useful to turn it on on purpose only at those times. Other times, leaving it on 24 hours a day is almost more convenient. There is no rule because it depends on the hours of the family members.

If we decide to concentrate the shower moment in a time slot to be able to turn on the instant electric water heater only in that time slot, we can also think of equipping the appliance with a timer that 3 or 4 hours before our shower causes it to turn on, even if we are not home yet.

If you want and you can organize the day to turn it on instant electric water heater in the morning, in the early hours of the morning, electricity costs less, while chasing savings there are models that are able to operate in the periods of the day when the price of energy is lower. An example is this Ariston Pro Plus equipped with option for the electronic control which heats the water according to the hours in which it bi-hourly rate it is more convenient.

Ariston instant electric water heater

Another model of instant electric water heater also by Ariston is this Hotpoint VLS 80 equipped with various interesting functions. Among these the anti-freezing, which activates the resistance if the water heater is connected to the power line, when the temperature of the accumulated water drops below 5 ° C in order to avoid possible breakages.

In the display, in case of faults the self-diagnostic function allows a quicker repair intervention while that anti-scald it blocks the instant electric water heater in case of thermostat malfunction: It avoids heating up to 100 ° C and protects us who use it from possible burns.

Vaillant instant electric water heater

Another model of instant electric water heater it comes from Vaillant and the price is around 220 Euros, slightly less than the previous Ariston and with almost similar functions.

Siemens instant electric water heater

From Siemens, with a price jump, upwards, and more functions that I invite you to view, if interested, by clicking on the link: there is a model of instant electric water heater very nice, even aesthetically.

Always remembering that before buying one, a leap towards a solar thermal system it always remains the greenest solution and which, perhaps not immediately, but pays off, and we will shower with a clear environmental awareness.

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