Irish Wolfhound: character and price

Irish Wolfhound: character and price

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Irish Wolfhound, or Irish Greyhound, let's call it what we want but remember that it is the giant among all dog breeds so it is better to respect him. He reaches over 80 cm, fortunately he is kind and reacts badly only to defend his master. It has a very particular coat, which requires careful care but is also an opportunity to be pampered. In Italy it is still little known but there are excellent specimens, also called "wolf dog" as the name Irish Wolfhound suggest.

Irish Wolfhound: origins

This breed has recent origins but is a sort of recovery, a breed "rebuilt" to resemble the mythical "Irish Hound", Extinct, dating back perhaps to the first century BC. or earlier. That was a dog bred as a war dog by the ancient Celts which then passed into the hands of the inhabitants of the lands of Ireland continuing to be both war dogs but also learning to be a guard dog, to protect the house and farms.

This ancestor of Irish Wolfhound in fact, he appears as a hero in the ancient Irish sagas. Ours, more recent, appears towards the end of the 19th century thanks to the Scottish captain George Augustus Graham who crosses specimens of Deerhound with specimens of Great Dane German and of Borzoi Russo. The Irish Kennel Club creates the class of Irish greyhounds and recognizes it in April 1879 on the occasion of an exhibition and in 1885 the dedicated Club was born.

Irish Wolfhound: character

Kind, quiet, intelligent and easy to train: the Irish Wolfhound can not do without
to become attached to the master, but only to him, the others do not treat them hand but it is evident that for him there are no equal. Sure he is sweet, loving with all members of his family and has a good character, but fearful if provoked.

With children he knows how to be, he is correct, kind and attentive but it is inevitable that his considerable size can become a danger, especially for the little ones, so we are careful and always keep an eye on it. In the game, it doesn't mean that it always has measure.

In the presence of disreputable strangers the Irish Wolfhound it is very useful and reassuring, it protects but it is not aggressive in an unconscious way: before attacking it warns by barking. He is in fact known for his great character balance. The Irish greyhound it adapts well to home life, even in an apartment, but its dimensions lead it to prefer wide open spaces where it is possible to do a lot of movement and always keep fit.

Irish Wolfhound: general appearance

L'Irish Wolfhound it is not heavy or massive like the Great Dane, but it is certainly not a small and weak animal. Large size and impressive appearance are his aesthetic credentials, he is very muscular and with a strong but graceful structure. When he moves he is not clumsy or slow, like a clumsy giant, but loose and active.

Head high, tail with a brush upwards, is proud to be the tallest dog in the world: the minimum male reaches 78.5 cm at the withers, females 71 cm but the ideal is that they reach 81 cm. -86 cm, with a weight of 54 kg and 40.5 respectively.

Elongated and imposing body, theIrish Wolfhound it has a pointed muzzle, black nose, small dark eyes, bearers of good eyes. Its ears are small and its coat is characteristic, coarse, hard and rather short. The colors allowed are gray, brindle, red, black, white or deer.

Irish Wolfhound: puppies

Do not be fooled that the puppies of Irish Wolfhound are small, slender and purse-sized. They have their considerable size, scaled to their age, and their good temper. They are not spiteful, this is not the problem, but we must imagine robust and cheerful little dogs, enterprising and playful, with a great desire to live. It is necessary to educate them immediately, before they become adult giants.

Irish Wolfhound: breeding

Currently the Irish Greyhound it has partly regained the reputation it had in the Middle Ages and is raised in a fairly consistent number even outside its homeland. Today in Italy, enrolled in the ENCI, there are 9 farms: 2 in Abruzzo, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Lombardy and Piedmont, one in Trentino Alto Adige, Veneto and Abruzzo.

The first historical breeders of the ancestors ofIrish Wolfhound were i Celts of Ireland, combing and appreciating the stiff coat, perfect for the Irish climate. They did it with dedication and not just for convenience, so much so that this dog has become one of the greatest living symbols of Irish culture and the Celtic past.

Irish Wolfhound: price

Only the size would justify the price, plus the Irish greyhound it also has many features that make it useful, from guard, and pleasant, pet and babysitter. She has a fairly robust health so, apart from room and board, and canine hygiene, including oral hygiene, shouldn't require extra expenses. The price ranges from 800 euros upwards, always checking documents, pedigree and state of health.

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