Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

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Controlled Mechanical Ventilation: how it works, prices, available technologies and types of systems. All information on mechanical ventilation systems and heat recovery.

Therecontrolled mechanical ventilationallows you to improve the quality of the air inside a building: they ensure theair exchangewith a greater saving, in terms of energy efficiency, than the classic open window would do.

Why air changes are important

Thereventilationof closed environments is a determining factor for thehome comfort. Air changes are necessary to prevent the formation of mold, regulate humidity and condensation, prevent excessive temperatures ... Not to consider the impacts on health: thanks to air changes, the risks of asthma, allergies, headaches are lowered and air quality is also improved with the aid of ad hoc purification filters. When natural ventilation is not enough, it is good to take advantage of theforced ventilation such as VMC systems (controlled mechanical ventilation).

Therecontrolled mechanical ventilationhelps us eliminate odors produced in the kitchen and bathroom, cooking water vapors as well as tobacco fumes and invisible pollutants such as radon (a radioactive gas), carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other compoundsVOC(non-volatile organic compounds) which are commonly found in the home environment.

Controlled mechanical ventilation

To ensure iair changes the normal openings of the building envelope are used: doors and windows. With doors and windows, however, the work done by the heating or cooling systems is nullified, which is why it would often be advisable to rely oncontrolled mechanical ventilation systems; these are integrated ventilation systems that allow the air toenter the houseby means of devices that are placed in certain spaces of the house.

These devices act completely autonomously, without having to issue any commands.

Controlled mechanical ventilation, what is it for?
This system produces a constant and controlled renewal of the air in all rooms. If necessary, the incoming air from the outside can be filtered and, again if necessary, it is possible to recover the thermal energy (heat or freshness) from the air leaving the home.

The systems ofcontrolled mechanical ventilationthey put in doseswiredof air so as to guarantee savings in energy terms.

The right sizing
Just like with the heating or air conditioning system, it is necessarycalculate the ventilation requirement. To have 100% efficiency, the sizing must calculate several factors: from the lifestyle of the inhabitants to the presence of drafts. The drafts, in fact, represent an involuntary natural ventilation system, dictated by infiltrations. It is important to calculate theventilation rangein order to get the amount ofair changesideal.

Controlled mechanical ventilation, how it works

The systems ofcontrolled mechanical ventilation(VMC), they can be of different types. A careful explanation is contained in the article dedicated to the systems of forced ventilation,in this section we will look at the two main types ofVMC.

  • - self-adjusting VMC
    This system has a constant flow rate and works continuously. It allows you to constantly check the air volumes and renew it regardless of external weather conditions.
  • – Hygro-adjustable VMC
    This system adopts air intakes and extraction vents characterized by mechanical sensors for humidity. Thanks to the sensors, the air flow is adapted to the environment in which the extraction vents and the air intake operate. It automatically adjusts the inlet and outlet air flow in relation to the humidity detected by the sensor.

The systemsHygro-adjustable VMCavoid activating theforced ventilationwhen not necessary, cutting energy waste related to the use of the same appliance and overloading the heating or cooling system. The ideal would be to associate the hygroregolable system with thecontrolled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery.

For several years now, VMC systems withheat recoverythey are able to guarantee very high efficiency with thermal energy recovery that goes beyond 90%. Moreover, the latest models on the market do not requirecondensate drainsso as to make installation and commissioning of the device easier.

Controlled mechanical ventilation, prices

The prices of a VMC system can vary a lot. Those who intend to install a VMC system in a single room will not have to face a high cost, in this context the prices are low: about 800 euros would be enough to buy acontrolled mechanical ventilation system with heat recoveryand with reversible air flow. To obtain a simple VMC system with air exchange and heat recovery, a house of 100 square meters will have to take into account an expense of about 7,000 euros, the prices rise further if you add functions such as humidity control (dehumidification and optimal maintenance humidity in the rooms), temperature and humidity probes, filters to purify the incoming air.

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