Pyrenean mountain dog: character and price

Pyrenean mountain dog: character and price

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Pyrenean Mountain Dog, French side, if in doubt. This breed is officially registered on that side of the mountain range that gives it its name, in terms of FCI classification, we find it in group 2, of the pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs. In the fray of the category, populated by numerous splendid animals with an irresistible character, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog stands out as an excellent guardian and fearless defender of property.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog: origins

This animal has very ancient origins and rather linked to the difficult territory that immediately tempered it and made it more resistant than many of its peers. Already in the fourteenth century it is known that in the Pyrenean region dogs with the characteristics almost identical to those that today belong to the Pyrenean Mountain Dog. Not that he hasn't evolved, as a dog, maybe he was "born ready".

Ready to live in an inhospitable area, in the cold and with difficult tasks. He did not live only there, however: reference is made to the Pyrenees, but for a long time it has also spread with ease in the territories around the castles of Lourdes and Foix. Much more welcoming. His job has always been to do from watchdog to guard the properties of farms in those areas.

In the 19th century, especially in France, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog he was already well known and we find him quoted, painted, named. In 1907 not one but two Breed Clubs were born in his homeland and automatically after a while the first Standard arrived. From that moment, therefore, on paper and in fact, nothing prevents this breed from spreading rapidly and this time no longer in the neighboring countryside.

The Pyrenean Mountain Dog begins to populate many European countries, especially thrilling the inhabitants of Great Britain and Germany. A robust guy like him certainly doesn't give up on landing in the United States where there is plenty of support.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog: character

For the environmental conditions and for the ancient origins, but above all for the task that was immediately called to perform, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog he cannot possibly appear shy or fearful. Neither look like this nor be like this: it has been selected for many years as guard dog and also as a defense dog and properties. In ancient times he was very outdoors but has always been used to having human and animal contacts: he is not a solitary dog ​​and is very fond of his master. He protects him, that's guaranteed, but he's also loving.

Let's not expect extreme outbursts of vitality or a moment of neurotic hyperactivism, it is an animal with a meek and serene character when you are with family and friends. In the absence of suspicious persons and elements of threat, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is an excellent companion dog.

Pyrenean Mountain Dog: appearance

The aspect that characterizes the breed of Pyrenean Mountain Dog it is very impressive. Its structure is strong and harmonious, it inspires dynamism and never heaviness or clumsiness. Let's not imagine the big dog a little clumsy. No: the Pyrenean Mountain Dog is a dog of large size and of great elegance in posture.

The official size standard indicates for the male a height at the withers from 70 to 80 cm, from 65 to 72 for females, while as regards weight there is a big difference: 60 kg for the former and "just" 45 kg for the female specimens. The square physical structure can be inscribed in a rectangle, the neck is strong and rather short, the ears are small for such a large dog, triangular in shape and rounded at the end.

The look of the Pyrenean Mountain Dog he is sweet and dreamy, just look him in the eye for a moment to see that he is an adorable breed. Small eyes with an intelligent and contemplative expression, usually amber brown. The tail also expresses a lot of tenderness if not sympathy: it is quite long and with abundant soft hair, and ends in a plume, similar to a hook. This does not prevent the dog from moving with a free, very elegant gait but without slowing down, on the contrary, with a musculature like his the step is sustained.

The hair of the Pyrenean mountain dog it is one of its characteristics that I love the most: it is abundant, sometimes slightly wavy, flat, long and soft. It is not homogeneous as a coat, on the tail and around the neck the length is greater and then some are formed coulotte around the limbs with finer and more woolly hair. The colors allowed by the standard of the beginning of the century are white and also white with gray spots which is called badger hair.

The spots can also be pale yellow or wolf-colored or orange, they are almost always on the head, on the ears and at the root of the tail. Undoubtedly the most sought are the badger color but the others are not bad at all, they are rarer to find due to the law of the market. It is also rare that some dogs show some spots on the body but it is allowed.

Pyrenean mountain dog: breeding

Of the ten farms of Pyrenean mountain dog registered on the ENCI site, on Italian territory, more than half are Piedmont, two in Campania, the rest must be sought in Emilia Romagna, Lombardy and Tuscany. In general there are numerous in Europe and in the United States being a dog not very widespread but in demand and of ancient origins.

It is resistant and of good character, it does not create particular difficulties for those who breed it. Naturally, he needs to be outdoors and to make movement. This is associated with a healthy diet because it absolutely must not get heavy. Even the hair must be taken care of: it does not pretend who knows what aesthetic treatment but brushing it is important as it is of medium length.

Pyrenean mountain dog: price

A puppy of Pyrenean mountain dog it has an average price that can vary from 800 to 1200 euros. The cost is variable, online there are also very low prices, it is good to check and ask your veterinarian for advice is always better. Even the ENCI website is certainly a good guide to find one's way if we really want to have a specimen of Pyrenean mountain dog with us.

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