New Toyota Prius 2016

New Toyota Prius 2016

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New Toyota Prius 2016: images, interiors, prices, features and all the information on the Prius plug-in hybrid, the Toyota hybrid car.

Therenew Toyota Prius 2016has been able to renew itself in every aspect, from the interior with modern lines to the external stylistic details with touches on the bodywork.

Aesthetically, the new Prius 2016 comes with redesigned headlights that integrate a distinctive LED light signature. The ability to recharge the smartphone in mode is added as standard in the cockpitwireless,in fact, where the gear knob used to be, today there is onedock stationwhere to place the mobile phone to recharge it without the need for any cable.

Increase comfort on board: with thenew Prius 2016the steering wheel becomes adjustable in height and depth.

OthersAnnouncementsaboard thePrius 2016concern the spaciousness on board: it increases the space for passengers and also the load capacity that was lacking in the model in retirement. There is no shortage of novelties under the hood: thanks to the new configuration of the electric engine theautonomyin modeev(zero-emission electric driving mode) has doubled and top speed has increased. The hybrid powertrain propels the car to a speed of 135 km / h.

New for technology lovers:
The Toyota Prius 2016 is the first car that integrates a charging system with solar panels on the roof and air conditioning con heat pump that is activated in electric running mode.

Charging times: Despite the more powerful battery, charging times amount to around two and a half hours inMode 2with a 230 volt output.

By size, the new Prius Plug-in is 165mm longer, 15mm wider and 20mm lower than the previous model.

Power: The 90 horsepower petrol engine is paired with the 53 kW electric powertrain. The maximum power of the hybrid system is 122 horsepower.

Toyota Prius 2016, interior

The passenger compartment becomes more spacious, both for the slightly larger dimensions but above all for a more intelligent management of the battery pack. The load capacity of the trunk reaches 501 liters.

The interiorof the new Prius 2016they are appreciated for their fine finishes and technological features: from the central console you immediately notice the touch sensitive 8 ″ display, convenient for managing all the audio and navigator functions, including the scroll action, just like we are used to doing on smartphones and tablets.

The instrument cluster, just like previous versions, isdigital,equipped with a TFT color LCD screen that allows the driver to modify its contents using quick commands on the steering wheel.

New Toyota Prius 2016, consumption

Each manufacturer makes hybrid propulsion its strong point in terms ofperformanceor in terms ofconsumption. While many sports cars use the hybrid engine to increase speed and improve acceleration times, theToyota Priusis proposed with low consumption: the average consumption of thenew Prius 2016they amount to only 1.4 liters per 100 km. Of course, this value makes the most of the autonomy offered by the battery pack but also making the most of the pedal"gas"consumption does not go beyond 4 liters per 100 km (consumption measured by road tests).

THEconsumptioncontents ofPrius 2016they are due to the new operating mechanism of the electric motor which with this model offers “assistance” to the hybrid engine up to a speed of 110 km / h. In this way, the Atkinson cycle 1.8 four-cylinder petrol engine delivers morepleasantnessdriving ensuring low consumption. The husband is also to be connected to the battery pack which in the fourth generation of the Prius becomes more compact but also more efficient by 28%. To assist the bassconsumptionit is the most efficient braking energy recovery system.

New Toyota Prius 2016, road test

According to thetest drive, the driving experience of the fourth generation of thePriusis improved. Starting is the same: the car starts by pressing a button to the left of the steering wheel. The position of theexchangewhich is no longer located at the end of the central tunnel but raised on the control console.

Fromroad testthe car appears more responsive from the first acceleration. The stiffer structure is felt: the frame tends to follow the driver's intentions more faithfully, thanks to more precise steering.

New Toyota Prius 2016, prices and release

L'Exitof thenew Prius is scheduled for the end of this 2016. As for the range ofpriceswe should start from an entry model of 27,850 euros.

The Toyota Prius will remain available in a 7-seater version. For more information:Toyota Prius 2015.