Wood stoves or pellet stoves

Wood stoves or pellet stoves

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Differences betweenwood-burning thermo-stoves or pellet thermo-stoves: cost, operation, efficiency, power, operating costs and all the information to make a thoughtful choice between wood stove and pellet stove.

First of all, let's clarify that there is a difference betweenstoveisthermo stove. A stove, whether it is a pellet or wood stove, cannot be connected to the domestic thermo-hydraulic system while a thermo-stove can.

Thethermo stovesthey work like a boiler but also integrate the capabilities of biomass stoves. So onewood stove,like apellet heat stove, can heat the entire house and provide for the production of domestic hot water. For more information:difference between stoves, thermo stoves and pellet boilers.

The real difference betweenwood stoveispellet stoveit lies in the fuel therefore in the management costs and in the initial purchase price.

Price comparison: Wood stoves or pellet stoves

To make the price of a stove is not only the type of fuel (pellets or wood) but also the type of coating, the rated heat output and the functions integrated into the heating device. Until recently thepellet stovesand thewood stovesthey were all the same. Today we have automatic stoves, thermo cookers, thermo stoves, stoves and thermo stoves that allow the system to be managed remotely (via an app on a smartphone) or real biomass boilers to be placed in special rooms where you can insert biomass storage tanks. A large part of the price is dictated by the cladding, the most expensive being cast iron or natural soapstone.

In general, any wood heating system (wood stove or thermo stove) it's morecheapof a pellet plant. Pellet stoves and thermo stoves are more expensive due to the greater ease of use of the fuel.

Wood is less expensive than pellets but its yield depends on many factors. The pellet offers clean combustion, the yield is guaranteed by various certifications and reliable labeling. Pellets take up less space, are easier to manage and require less maintenance. For these and other reasons thepellet stoves and thermo stovesthey seepriceshigher than a wood stove.

If a good onewood stove13 kW can be bought with 1,100 euros, the same power on onepellet thermo stoveyou get it with 1,800 euros. Here are somepricesindicative ofwood-burning thermo stovesit's atpelletswith different powers and different types of coating.

Wood stove, prices

  • Wood-burning thermo stove with 19 kW steel hearth
    Average price around 2,000 euros.
  • Wood-burning stove in majolica / ceramic 12 - 13 kw
    Average price around 1,700 euros.
  • 12 - 13 - 15 kW cast iron wood-burning stove
    Average price from 1,100 - 1,900 euros.
  • Wood stove with oven (wood stove) of 15 - 16 kW
    Average price around 1700 - 1800 euros.
  • 17.3 kW natural soapstone wood-burning stove
    Average price 1,300 - 1,700 euros

To better manage onewood stove or thermo stovecare must be taken to choose thebest firewoodwhich produces maximum heat with minimum production of ash and waste. In reality, no type of wood can guarantee the same clean combustion as pellets. Furthermore, wood takes up more space than pellets and, in the home, can give rise to hygienic problems. Wood is a cheaper biomass than pellets, however, we recommend the purchase of a wood stove for those who have a large garden or have a farm and need to dispose of the wood produced in the company.

Pellet thermo stove, prices

To finish the price comparison, we report the approximate purchase costs for a pellet thermo stove. We remind you that by thermo stove we mean that appliance that in addition to heating the house can produce domestic hot water. Also in this case, to have a good performance we recommend choosing the best pellet to fire.

  • 13 kW steel pellet thermo stove
    Average price around 1800 - 2100 euros.
  • 13 kW majolica / ceramic pellet stove
    Average approximate price of about 1,900 - 2,200 euros.
  • 13 kW cast iron pellet stove
    Average price of about 2,100 - 2,300 euros.
  • 13 kW soapstone pellet stove
    Average price of 1,900 - 2,150 euros.

For the correct sizing of thepellet stoveor onewood stovewe recommend reading the articlePellet stove, how it works.

Always talking about costs to be evaluated, there are management costs: firewood is cheaper and according to the most recent estimates, to heat a 100 sq m apartment with a pellet stove it is necessary annually, an expense of 800 euros while to heat the same surface with firewood, the cost drops to about 570 euros.

In the photo above, a thermal cooker, wood stove with oven and hob. For more information, I refer you to the articlepellet stoves with kitchen.

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