How to paint metal

How to paint metal

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How to paint metal: instructions, step by step, for painting metal objects, already painted or rusty metal.

If the garden entrance gate is rusty and shabby, the first thing that comes to mind is ... replace it! Before throwing away any metal object, we evaluate together the potential restoration and recovery interventions. On this page we will see how to paint metal to give new life to iron benches, railings, gates and other metal structures.

Before you can continue apaint the metalit will be necessary to clean the surface thoroughly: with an iron brush, lift and remove the old damaged paint. Alternatively, to remove the paint from the metal (remove the paint from the metal) you can use a universal gel paint remover to leave the installation before being able to brush.

During any of the phases described in this article, you will need to wear gloves and protective masks: first to protect yourself from dust and then from the vapors of the solvents used.

How to paint rusty metal

If the objects are made of cast iron or other alloys containing iron, before proceeding with the painting you must make sure to remove the oxidized layer.

It is not difficult to remove rust from metals, it is possible to use mechanical methods (sanders, manual files, abrasive papers ...) or chemical methods that involve the use of paintstwo in one, that is, on the one hand they deactivate the oxidized layer and on the other they color the surface.

If what you sometimes paint is an iron railing characterized by the massive presence of rust, before the rust inhibitor, consider using the drill on which you will have to mount a wire brush. For all information, please refer to the articleeliminate rust from iron.

In the case of metal just a little rusty

If themetal to be paintedit is in good condition and just a little rusty, just clean the surface using a cloth soaked in white spirit and remove the rust with a stiff bristle iron brush. Alternatively, you can apply a rust converter directly to the rust which will make your job easier.

In case of rust on large surfaces

If the metal shows rust on an extended surface, the best way to intervene is to use the sander to which you have applied the sandpaper suitable for the metal. When passing the sander, remember not to exert any pressure, otherwise you could damage the support you are trying to restore.

How to paint metal

First, protect the floor and surrounding objects with plastic or paper sheets. As stated, beforepaint the metalremove rust and any traces of the old paint that tends to peel off. In this phase you can use sandpaper and elbow grease, iron brushes, drill with wire brush, paint removers ...

If the surface of themetalfrompaintit is not homogeneous and has holes, fill them with someputty for metal to be applied with a bodywork trowel.

At the end of the work, carefully remove the dust and clean the surfaces by passing a diluent or plain white spirit.

The base paint: the rust inhibitor

After having carefully prepared and cleaned the metal surface to be painted, apply a first coat of rust inhibitor. To spread the rust inhibitor, use a universal brush and let it dry for the time indicated on the jar. The anti-rust layer is necessary to protect the metal from oxidation and damage from atmospheric agents, especially the sun. The rust inhibitor is the foundation for any enamel available on the market.

As an alternative to anti-rust, there are enamels on the market that have the power to deactivate rust. In this case you will have to use a brush for solvent products. Among the various products we point out Fernovus, Saratoga bright enamel that must be applied directly on rust (it has the consistency of a gel and is very effective). Although Saratoga's Fernovus is the most advertised (who among us has not seen the TV commercial!), certainly not the only polish of its kind. Before purchasing, make your evaluations.

How to paint zinc, aluminum and other metals

To paint aluminum, zinc and other metals, you will need a specific primer that acts as a primer. On the market there are specific primers for zinc, aluminum and all other metals. This should be applied as a base and will allow the nail polish of the chosen color to adhere. There is no shortage of ad hoc paints but these are more difficult to find on the market.

If the metal you intend to paint is that of the radiators, we invite you to the specific article:how to paint the radiator.

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