Tibetan Spaniel: breeding and character

Tibetan Spaniel: breeding and character

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Tibetan Spaniel, known since ancient times, in its land, as a prayer dog, today it is considered an excellent companion animal, faithful to the family, whether there are children or not. He is small in size and handsome, crafty but does not cause particular disasters, if well trained he can also be a guard. It comes from Tibet, of course, and in Europe the first country that knew this breed was there Great Britain.

Tibetan Spaniel: origins

This dog has very ancient origins, was born and has been bred for many centuries in Tibetan monasteries, side by side with the monks, following their habits. Their presence in our area is not so old that it is not at all easy to understand precisely how the breed was born and to what period to attribute its creation.

With good precision we can instead affirm that in Europe, in England, the Tibetan Spaniel it reached the beginning of the twentieth century: it was imported to England by missionaries. Most experts, even without being 100% certain, hypothesize that the breed is the result of various crossings that took place many centuries ago between the "Pug", The"Pekingese dog"And"Japanese Spaniel”.

As I anticipated, his monastic life has always led to his being called "Tibetan prayer dog”, Prayer dog. This is because monks from Tibetan monasteries brought these little dogs with them and used them to spin prayer wheels.

Tibetan Spaniel: appearance

The Tibetan Spaniel it is a dog of small size but with a structure that keeps the harmonic proportions well, in scale. The right relationships. For example, the fact that the total length of the body of this dog must be slightly greater than the height at the withers which, according to the breed standard, is + about 25 cm.

In general, by experts and enthusiasts of dogs, and of Tibet, and of both, the Tibetan Spaniel it is considered a very interesting dog from a morphological point of view. Starting from the fact that it has a silky hair that is pleasant to caress, or with a curved and hairy tail. And from its small-scale harmony.

Muscular and snappy, lean but not too thin, the Tibetan Spaniel it has a full and well proportioned muzzle, basically short and with a well accentuated stop. The nose is black and not too broad. The ears, protrude from the skull and are hanging, of medium size, show curious and funny fringes, in the adults and are set in a high position. The eyes are neither too big nor too small, dark brown, oval shape, lively and sly expression. They are spaced out, but they look ahead.

The well-proportioned physique helps the Tibetan Spaniel to effortlessly maintain a rhythmic and flowing gait, with the tail high and curved over the back, with fur, carried happily curved over the back, when the animal is in action. Hairy ears, hairy tail, hairy body with one enviable silky texture.

The length of the coat of the Tibetan Spaniel it is not uniform, the hair is shorter on the face and on the front part of the limbs, it is of medium length over the rest of the body and very flat. This breed also has a fine and dense undercoat. The colors allowed for the Tibetan Spaniel they are ... all colors and can also appear mixed at will.

Tibetan Spaniel: character

The pet name of prayer dog should not confuse us: the Tibetan Spaniel he is not a reflexive or zen dog but on the contrary shows a very lively character. His cheerfulness is perennial, but never naive, because the dogs of this breed are extremely intelligent. I would often dare to say even crafty ones.

From a "social" point of view, the Tibetan Spaniel he is polite but reserved towards strangers, while he binds very attached to his master and to those he considers friends. In general, he has a way of doing things that suggests he feels very confident.

At home it is a very welcome canine presence: alert, awake and always active, excellent for the family, very suitable for always being with children. If desired, he also keeps watch as he is always attentive to everything and very sensitive to every signal. Makes a lot of company, without being clingy, on the contrary, the risk is that he takes too many initiatives of his own free will, but being intelligent and faithful, he does not cause any problems.

Tibetan Spaniel: breeding

in Italy, according to the official website of ENCI, there are two farms that take care of this beautiful breed, one in the province of Genoa, another in the province of Vicenza. Not registered by ENCI, there are another couple online but in general that of Tibetan Spaniel it is not a well known breed in our country. After a period of growth, up to the peak of 2013 with as many as 30 specimens reported by ENCI, there was a collapse and in 2015 the Tibetan Spaniel were 5.

Tibetan Spaniel: cost
The price of a puppy's Tibetan Spaniel it is not easily estimated as it is rare to find them in Italy. It could be around 600 - 800 euros, you can see cheaper figures online but the best thing is to take a puppy personally to a kennel to see where it grew up. Even better, in truth, it would be to adopt one, finding it.

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