Manchester Terrier: character and price

Manchester Terrier: character and price

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Manchester Terrier, one of the oldest English Terriers, but above all one of the most suitable for living with us in an apartment or in a house with a garden. Anyway, as a dog, he is rather lazy except when he plays, so just give him a sofa or a rug for him to be comfortable. Yet he was a great mouse hunter.

Manchester Terrier: origins

Officially we can say that the Manchester Terrier it has existed since the nineteenth century, but it would seem that it has been wandering around in its homeland, in Great Britain, for at least 4 centuries. Initially there was a dog called "Old black and tan terrier", Widespread in the northwestern area of ​​the island, and the dogs we see today would be the modern version of those.

Let's see why that of the Manchester Terrier it is a very rare breed in Italy. Better goes to the United States but overseas her ears are amputated. A practice to be condemned but which was also in vogue in England.

It was, fortunately it is no longer but the Manchester Terrier he had to pay the price for this civil emancipation. In fact, when in 1898 the Prince of Wales decided to prohibit amputations, published the decree, the numbers of diffusion of the breed immediately collapsed. An exaggerated hot reaction but which almost extinguished this one Terrier. It has been reborn but almost totally different, not so much from a morphological point of view, but as a role and task, and character, consequently.

A few years after the prince's decree, in fact, a group of passionate breeders took over the breed and transformed it into pet dog. If before he was a well-known and appreciated hunter of mice and small animals, very aggressive and determined, once crossed with the Whippet, the Manchester Terrier has become more meek. This touch of goodness it has also benefited him physically and, according to many, the new version of the breed is aesthetically more attractive, less rustic and "raw", more refined and elegant.

Manchester Terrier: puppies

The puppies of Manchester Terrier they are rather small and quite black, then they remain black with tan markings, and reach medium size: for males 40-41 cm at the withers, for females 38. The appearance of this dog, beyond the sex, is compact , elegant and solid, it moves in a fascinating way, has elegance and is robust and very long-lasting.

The Manchester Terrier it has a compact and well-proportioned trunk, a long, flat and narrow skull: it looks like a wedge ending with the nose, always black in color. The eyes, small, dark and shiny, have an oval shape, the ears are "V" and not large, they fall on the forehead, above the eyes. Going to the queue, along a body always muscular and solid, is short and tapered more and more to the tip.

The hair of the Manchester Terrier it is short, smooth and very shiny. It is a beautiful coat, that of this breed, and its appearance is also enhanced by the fact that it is black, intense black, with deep mahogany tan markings. These spots of precise shape and of a color well distinct from the raven background, have fixed positions that must not vary, are dictated by the standard.

They must appear on the head and on the muzzle up to the nose, in mahogany, contrasting the black truffle and of the nasal bridge. Mahogany also in the lower part of the tail and, a minimum, on each side of the chest. Other markings appear on the body, but the rule is that the two colors must never mix, ever.

Manchester Terrier: character

At home, in an apartment, in a cottage, in a villa: the Manchester Terrier it doesn't pose many problems, it's a rustic type and fits. Not only that: it does not dirty and disturbs, so it is a dog that is a pleasure to have as a member of our family. Moreover, so also those who attend him 24 hours a day say, he is very nice and cheerful, lively and intelligent, courageous and energetic. And, I'm not exaggerating, he is also respectful and fond of his master.

What more could you want? Of course he needs to take his walks, in which he devotes himself to chasing small prey, if he finds any, or to wander around curiously, but when he is at home, he is quiet on the sofa. Few things will convince him to get up: it is a lazy man. He gets along well with children, loves cuddles and is never aggressive or humoral. With strangers he is cold, he must understand if it is necessary to defend his family or if he can trust.

Manchester Terrier: health

Dog among the most suitable to keep in the apartment, the Manchester Terrier is a dog that is in good health and does not even require much effort for the care of the coat. Shiny, short and black, it doesn't give any problems. After a little exercise, he stays calmly at home, if we feed him in a balanced way, he has no problems with obesity.

Manchester Terrier: breeding

In Italy this breed, despite being among the most recommended among those of the medium-sized pet dog category, is not very widespread. And moreover in recent years the number of specimens of Manchester Terrier, at least those registered by the ENCI, seems to be decreasing rapidly.

Suffice it to say that from 30 specimens in 2014 we have passed to 16 in 2015. Even the farms are in short supply: there are three officially indicated by Enci. Two are in Emilia Romagna, one in the province of Bologna and the other in Rimini. And then there is a third of province of Lecco, in the Lombardy region.

Manchester Terrier: price

The price of a puppy of Manchester Terrier it can vary a lot, mainly due to the scarcity of specimens available. We can find them from 600 to 800 euros, on the farm, while online or abroad the figure can change. We also consider that, in terms of medical care and grooming, the expenses for this rustic dog, nice and resistant, are reduced to a minimum.

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