Appenzell Mountain Dog: Character and Price

Appenzell Mountain Dog: Character and Price

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Appenzell Mountain Dog, one of the Swiss cattle dogs in circulation with many classic cattle characteristics. However, this breed has a particular tail and an adorable character, even if it is very focused on work. The group he belongs to is that of dogs of type pinscher schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: origins

The origins of all the other Swiss mountain dogs and the Appenzell Mountain Dog is no exception. However, there are more theories on the birth of this breed, the most credible are his. One group of experts believes that this dog is even indigenous, while other colleagues believe that the ancestor of Appenzell Mountain Dog arrived in Switzerland with the Romans, with the legions of ancient Rome, since Switzerland was at the time one of the many imperial colonies.

Arrived or always been, on the alpine territory of our neighbors, this animal then spent centuries to be trained as a herd dog, as companion of the peasants and working cowherd. All peacefully, alongside the inhabitants, but in the last 2 centuries it has then risked extinction due to the fact that some purebred specimens began to be crossed with other local dogs that "dirty" their identity.

Today the Appenzell Mountain Dog he is safe and sound, but already at the beginning of the twentieth century he was doing well after the foundation of the first club dedicated to the breed, around 1906, on the initiative of some enthusiasts. From that moment, then, a real trend started, dedicated to our Bovaro, which has increasingly valued it at national and also European level.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: puppies

The Appenzell Mountain Dog has puppies that from an early age are large, or almost, being a medium-sized dog. From the morphological point of view it is classified as Molossian-Lupoid, the ideal stature at the withers for adult specimens ranges from 48 to 58 cm, and the weight ranges from 23 to 25 kg.

The physicist of the Appenzell Mountain Dog he is well proportioned, very muscular and solid. Seeing it you notice a certain harmony thanks to the respect for right relationships in all its parts. Its "shape" is defined by a square, its appearance is very toned and harmonious, its bearing proud and attractive. The chest of this breed is quite wide and deep, the back appears strong and straight, the muzzle well proportioned with respect to the rest of the body, has a little accentuated stop and ends with a Nose: black and very voluminous.

The ears emerge high on the head, with the pavilion in the shape of a V and the tip is rounded, then they remain drooping following, when the dog is alert they are raised at the root and turned forward. The eyes of the Appenzell Mountain Dog they are quite small, almond-shaped and of a sweet dark brown color, they never protrude and shouldn't be, they have a lively and sensitive expression.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: hair

The hair of the Appenzell Mountain Dog it is short and adheres well to the body, it is firm and hard to the touch, it appears brilliant to the eye. The colors allowed are black, with symmetrical and regular white and fire spots. Above all, the fire spot above each eye must absolutely not be missing, then there is a white list on the forehead.

This breed also has an undercoat and is usually black or brown. A peculiarity of the Appenzell Mountain Dog it concerns the tail, quite hairy but above all carried rolled sideways on the rump during the action.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: character

Rather than stand out for the physical, from its other peers, the Appenzell Mountain Dog he does it thanks to his great character qualities. Not that others are unpleasant, but this dog is particularly appreciated for its nature. He is very fond of his master and then it becomes his reason for living: he follows him, protects him, pampers him. He gets along well with children, you just have to be careful for his mass but he is not impetuous.

For centuries he has been selected only exclusively for work, so his skills in this area are excellent, in particular he excels for courage and seriousness that many envy him, are proverbial! We see him at home skilful and wise, leading the herds and carrying out the commands that his master gives him flawlessly, he is very intelligent and quite easily trained.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: breeding

In Italy there are only two farms listed on the ENCI website for Appenzell Mountain Dog, others can be reached with an online search. The ENCI ones are both located in Piedmont, one is in the province of Alessandria and the other in that of Vercelli. As far as the spread of this breed is concerned, we can perhaps expect that there will be depopulation: from 2011 to 2015 we have gone from 8 to 48 registered specimens, a good leap and the crescendo seems to continue.

Appenzell Mountain Dog: price

A puppy of Appenzell Mountain Dog it can cost between 800 and 1000 euros, but counting that if it starts to be in high demand, these figures can change. Rising. As a cure, it is not a pretentious dog, the coat is simple to keep tidy, it eats a lot but only for its mass, it does not require other special precautions except pampering, company and walks. Even if we can't give him a flock to care for, he is content with us.

The splendid example of the Appenzell Mountain Dog that you see portrayed in the opening photo of this article is Ca 'del Corsi Sonny and its owner is Mr. Mauro whom we thank for allowing us to use his shot.

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