How to reuse used oil

How to reuse used oil

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How to reuse used oil: the dispersion of used oil can be harmful to the environment. Fortunately, there are several interesting alternatives to recycle it, let's see them together.

Organizing for the collection and disposal of used oil is not the simplest practice in the world: after each frying we have to let the oil cool, sift it from food residues and top it up in a special plastic container.

For many, this procedure is so boring that they prefer to throw the oil down the drain or into the garden: nothing could be more wrong! The oil dispersed in the environment causes serious pollution of the soil and aquifers, a single drop of oil can contaminate thousands of liters of water.

The oil collected in an appropriate manner can be disposed of in the collection centers of your municipal administration or used as we will explain on this page.

How to reuse used oil, instructions

Homemade laundry detergent

  • What we need

-1 liter of used cooking oil
-200 grams of caustic soda
-10 liters of water.
-100 grams of lavender essential oil

  • How to proceed

We recommend that you choose a ventilated place, away from children and pets.

  1. Wear plastic gloves and protective goggles
  2. Pour the water into a bucket: it must be cold
  3. Insert the caustic soda a little at a time, being careful not to splash.
  4. Use a wooden stick to mix the mixture, being careful not to breathe the vapors that come out of it: it is dangerous. Remember that the mixture will start to heat up and splash, which could cause you to burn yourself
  5. Add the used cooking oil while continuing to mix
  6. Once you have a homogeneous mixture, also add the essential lavender oil: mix constantly and, above all, be patient. This procedure takes time, just over half an hour but during this time you must never stop mixing with the wooden stick. You will see that, little by little, the mixture will change consistency and you will get a homogeneous and thick mixture
  7. Let the homemade detergent sit for a full day
  8. After 24 hours, add another 5 liters of water and mix well
  9. Let the mixture rest again.

Repeat the procedure for 5 days. Mix everything in the morning without adding water each time. You will see how the mixture is solidifying enough to acquire the consistency of soap: very similar to what you find in the supermarket. Once the procedure is complete, you can store it in suitable containers and start using it.

Homemade candles

  • What we need

-A jar to put the candle.
-A little wire to use as a base for the wick.
-A cotton thread about 4 cm longer than the height of the jar
- Used cooking oil, just enough to fill the jar
-2 drops of sandalwood essential oil.

  • How to proceed
  1. Let the used cooking oil rest, at least overnight
  2. Filter the oil: you can use cloth to obtain a purer and residue-free oil.
  3. Prepare the wick for the candle, using the wire for the base: you have to make sure that the cotton thread stands in the center of the candle to be able to light it
  4. Create a small base by rolling the wire then attach the cotton thread
  5. Place the wick in the center of the jar and pour the used cooking oil, being very careful not to fill it completely
  6. Add the drops of sandalwood essential oil.

Other ideas for recycling used oil

  • To fry new dishes: the only trick is to filter it to remove any food residues from the previous frying.
  • To grease the snow shovel to prevent snow from sticking to the shovel while you are clearing snow
  • As a fuel for an oil lamp
  • To obtain Biodiesel to be used as a fuel; it is non-toxic and ecological. To do this, just find many tutorials online on how to produce biodiesel directly in your garage.
  • To prepare poultry feed: just mix it with dry bread, rice or wheat.

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