Combined wood pellet stoves, user opinions

Combined wood pellet stoves, user opinions

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Combined wood pellet stoves, opinions of users: what are the advantages and disadvantages ofbivalent stovesfueled with pellets and wood.

Thecombined stovescan be powered by adouble fuelallowing you to always keep up with the purchase offers ofpelletsiswood. The combined or bivalent stoves fueled with latest generation wood and pellets can be definedthermo stoves: thanks to an electronic board they are able to optimize combustion and keep up with the practicality of the radiators associated with the thermostat. Thermo stoves are programmable, and they can also have different types ofconnectionsto guarantee the production of domestic hot water or hot water to power the radiators themselves.

In the article dedicated to functioning of the pufferwe have highlighted the complete system Mix where onecombined wood pellet stove(Gaselle Hi-Tech series) was able to heat the entire house using radiators and provide for the production of domestic hot water. Therecombined wood pellet stovein question, has a power of 28 and 29 kW based on pellet or wood fuel. The wholebivalent thermo stove, in the complete system, it is associated with a puffer for storing the excess energy produced by combustion, the thermal energy is stored in the form of hot water. If thecombined wood pellet stoveit is also associated with a system of solar collectors on the roof, the efficiency increases ensuring maximum savings. Conceiving a pellet + wood bivanlente system, associated with puffers, radiators and solar collectors, the opinions of users can only be positive. In this context, savings would be guaranteed not only by the double power supply but also by the puffer associated with the combined thermo-stove wood pellet.

Combined wood pellet stoves, opinions

Thecombined thermo stovesthey work like onepellet thermo stoveconventional but thanks to the flame regulation system they can also burn wood and therefore exploit two forms of power.

Betweenadvantagesof the most advanced models, we would like to point out the possibility of exploiting thecombined wood pellet stoveeven in summer, to heat the domestic hot water from the domestic water network. Theopinionsthe most favorable ones refer precisely to this type of system that should not be used only in winter but can be used throughout the year, just like the classic natural gas boiler.

Until recently, among thedisadvantagesreported by the opinions of users who have exploited the combined systems themselves, there was a lack of efficiency in the combustion of pellets. This happened because the flame regulators were not yet able to efficiently manage two different fuels, penalizing the lighter biofuel, the pellet. If you are considering buying onebivalent thermo stovemake sure you buy a latest generation model so as to radically solve the problem related to the efficiency of pellet combustion ... if you buy an older model, associate it with a puffer, in this way all the energy surplus produced during the pellet combustion peaks it can be stored in the form of hot water.

The disadvantages include prices, even if they are on the marketbivalent stovesable to satisfy any budget, the cheapest ones are also the least efficient! For further information: wood-burning thermo-stoves or pellet thermo-stoves. The models with the highest prices are those that allow remote management using applications from the smartphone, a very convenient intelligent system!

Somecombined thermo stovespellets and woodthey are equipped with a self-cleaning system of the basket and additional pellet tanks so as to increase the autonomy of the load. Among the negative opinions and the disadvantages there is the fact of having to periodically feed the biomass tank, but these opinions refer in particular to the less performing combined heating stove models; in addition, to increase the autonomy times it is still recommended to use the puffer to be associated with thecombined pellet and wood stove.

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