Mudi dog: character and breeding

Mudi dog: character and breeding

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Mudi dog: comes from Hungary, belongs to the group of shepherd dogs and cattle dogs and is one of the rarest shepherds among the breeds that this country gives us: it is in fact very difficult to find specimens around outside the homeland. But it is slowly becoming known and it is the right time to give it space, without waiting for it to become a hairy divo.

Mudi dog: origins and appearance

There is not a lot of documentation around that can help us reconstruct the history of this breed that is not yet well known in the present. What transpires already seems particular. For example that she was formed as a race, she spontaneously, in Hungary, between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Only later did the shepherds of the area notice its characteristics and began to take it into consideration. What obviously amazed them about this dog is the fact that he was naturally very good at protecting livestock. How not to think about taking advantage of this innate gift?

Mudi: puppies

The Mudi is a sheepdog of medium size so let's expect that a puppy is not very small: as an adult it must reach 37-40 cm at the withers. If female, a little less. In general, beyond the sex, it is an animal with a very strong and well-proportioned physique, harmonious and with the taste relationships between limbs, body, head. What makes it unique is undoubtedly the hair, as we shall see.

For the rest it has an elongated snout, a narrow head and a black nose with well opened nostrils. The ears are pointed, V-shaped, always erect and move briskly with every move of the Mudi. The eyes, dark brown, are slightly oblique and oval in shape. When a Mudi dog he moves he has a dynamic attitude, the musculature is excellent, in fact he has a good drive. The tail, whatever the dog's gait, is directed downwards, with medium set.

Mudi dog: cloak

The most obvious singularity of the Mudi, apart from the fact that it is not very widespread, it is still in the hair, shaved on the head and on the limbs, while on the rest of the body it becomes longer and more wavy. It is not finished, it contains a lot of pigment compared to that of other breeds, so for example even the skin of this dog in areas where there is not a lot of hair, appears exclusively black, while the pads and the nails are slate gray.

The maximum length of the hair, on the body, is about 7 cm, thick, wavy and shiny. If in general the color indicated by the standard is shiny black, we find Mudi also in white, or with white coats streaked with black or black streaked with white, with spots here and there or evenly distributed.

Mudi dog: character

The character of this Mudi, born spontaneously and then much appreciated by his countrymen, he is sweet and affectionate, alert and very intelligent, just look at his face and eyes to understand that he can be trusted. And also that we are facing a race easy to train.

In general, in its land, it is considered a dog suitable for hunting "bad" animals, so it is often used in wild boar and big game hunting. Given these qualities, even as a guard dog he is excellent, not even being too bulky but remaining agile and robust. The funny and sympathetic fur, the sweet character, the propensity to obey, make the Mudi dog also an excellent companion animal, also and above all for those who live in apartments.

Mudi dog: breeding

It is not easy to find in Italy a breeding that keeps this breed, the ENCI website at the moment it does not indicate references and even online it seems that there are no dedicated farms. If you look at the numbers regarding the Mudi throughout our country, however, provided by ENCI, we can understand why.

A few dozen dogs of this one Hungarian breed appear in 2015, before practically none. It is therefore not to be excluded that soon some breeding will take this breed into consideration, just like the Hungarian shepherds who noticed and loved it centuries ago.

Mudi dog: price

It is difficult to evaluate a price to indicate to you as there is not Italian breeding of Mudi dogs. Of course any offer you can see, pay attention to the regularity of the documents, the health of the dog and the more recurring defects. Apart from the strictly aesthetic ones, there are also monorchidism, cryptorchidism, prognathism, insufficient musculature, a saddle back line. Or a too shy character, but on this, everyone can evaluate for themselves.

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