Cycle tourism in Pesaro: itineraries and where to sleep

Cycle tourism in Pesaro: itineraries and where to sleep

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The cycle tourism in Pesaro is growing impressively thanks to the beauty of the places, the variety of routes and the attention of the current municipal administration.

I recently had the opportunity to stay in Pesaro, al Nautilus Family Hotel, which has organized itself to make a dozen city bikes available to its guests and which has entered into collaboration agreements with expert cycling guides and specialized centers to satisfy the requests of cyclists more demanding.

The cycle tourism it is particularly appreciated by tourists from northern Europe, who generally want to find high-end bicycles and local guides who can accompany them on site.

Pesaro is able to offer itineraries of different types and degrees of difficulty, suitable for the amateur cyclist and without much training but also for those who are fond of routes on dirt roads and with rather steep slopes.

The first type of route includes the beautiful one cycle path that connects Pesaro and Fano: about 11 km totally flat, on a protected path and ... by the sea! :-)

I personally walked this route of which you can see a photo at the beginning of this article. I highly recommend it to everyone: even just for the possibility of sunbathing, pedaling next to the beach, being able to stop from time to time in the kiosks, bars or clubs located along the route.

Aqaba Beach one of the most beautiful kiosks, located along the cycle path, where cyclists love to stop for refreshment also because it is the headquarters of the Freedom Bike club in Pesaro

The municipal administration of Pesaro has invested heavily in bicycle mobility by creating a network of cycle paths that wind in and around the city called Bicipolitan.

You can download the complete map of all 11 lines from this link, on the official website of the Municipality of Pesaro.

Among the most beautiful routes I traveled during my stay I recommend the track number 9 that will take you inside the Miralfiore Park where you can relax in the sun on the steps of theamphitheater and obviously the bicipolitan 1, the one that runs throughout the historic center of Pesaro, bringing you in the presence of Ducal Palace.

The Ducal Palace of Pesaro and the amphitheater in Miralfiore Park

There line 1 of the bicipolitan it will also take you under the ramparts of the imposing Rocca Costanza.

Cycle tourism in Pesaro: Rocca Costanza

But the real wonder for the passionate cyclist is found just outside Pesaro: it is the Monte San Bartolo Natural Parkwhere you can ride on dirt paths, between vineyards and woods, with spectacular views over the Pesaro countryside.

Vineyards in the San Bartolo Natural Park

If you have turned to the right guide, you will be able to better appreciate the Park, while respecting the properties and the transit restrictions, but above all by accessing real "secret corners" that can only be reached by those who know the place. An example? What do you think of this breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea? :-)

Spectacular view from one of the itineraries of the San Bartolo Park

In my case the certified cycling guide who accompanied me was Andrea Farisello, which was reported to me by the reception Family Hotel Nautilus where I stayed.

If you are staying at the Nautilus as well as being able to take advantage of the services of expert and certified guides such as Andrea, you will be able to use city bikes for free to carry out the simpler routes on your own such as that of the bicipolitan 1, in the historic center of Pesaro of which I wrote above.

For more information on the Nautilus and to organize your stay you can visit the official website Nautilus Family Hotel.

Find more information and photos on Nautilus also in my article dedicated to Green Holidays on the Adriatic.

... and after one of the "rides" described above you can indulge in some well-deserved relaxation in the hotel's splendid swimming pool overlooking the beach and sea! ;-)

The swimming pool of the Nautilus Family Hotel in Pesaro

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