Australian Silky Terrier: character and price

Australian Silky Terrier: character and price

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Australian Silky Terrier, clearly and honestly originally from Australia, this dog is a small pet animal not very common in Italy and which is often confused with the better known Yorkshire Terrier. He is not offended, he continues with his light-hearted gait showing a multicolored fur which is surprising.

Australian Silky Terrier: origins

As mentioned, as evident, theAustralian Silky Terrier he looks a lot like his colleague Terrier, the Yorkshire, so it is easy to imagine that he was selected from English dogs of that breed. In 2009 he celebrated 50 years, passed from the official breed recognition, his Italian name, speaking of officiality, is Australian Terrier with silk hair, but it is definitely more friendly to call him Australian Silky Terrier.

The first standard has been achieved a lot before the officialization, even in 1909, by a group of fans, breeders and those responsible for the Australian selection, but perhaps due to the usual bureaucracy, even for this innocent little dog, it took literally half a century to be called by name by the dog federations that classified him as a terrier from company.

Australian Silky Terrier: character

A little for his innate nature, a little for what he has been through, between the best known colleague and the expectations for the formalization, theAustralian Silky Terrier can only have a playful character. This does not mean that he is not awake, on the contrary, he is quite lively but does not carry a grudge.

For this and for his philosophy of life, he has always and increasingly proved to be an excellent companion of adventures at the park, in nature, a city, at home. In the apartment he knows how to behave, does not cause problems and with children he is able to calibrate his liveliness in order to have fun without posing a danger. He is tireless and full of energy.

Australian Silky Terrier: appearance

The similarity implied with Yorkshire does not mean that to imagine there'Australian Silky Terrier we can make a mental copy and paste: we will realize that even if they are similar they can be recognized even if they are not experts. It's a compact dog, of medium length and with a figure with fine lines. It is structured and solid, with a body that was born to hunt and kill rodents even if today it does not often engage in this activity.

There size of the Australian Silky Terrier is small, measures about 23 cm at the withers, weighs from 3.5 to 4.5 kg, the head is of moderate length, wide between the ears but not to make it deformed or not harmonious. On the rather flat skull, this dog has a curious toupee made up of fine and silky hair but it does not fall on the eyes, indeed, woe if it happens: the fact that the long hair falls on the nose bridge and cheeks is considered a serious defect for a specimen of this breed.

The muzzle is rather square and ends with the black nose, the jaws are strong, like terrier, with a regular set of teeth, the neck of medium length is well covered by the long and silky hair. Moving on to the ears, this dog has quite small and V-shaped, well attached to the skull and sticking out straight, never with long hair. The eyes must always be small, round in shape and not prominent, as dark as possible and as expressive as possible. Let's finish with the tail that has no fringes and raised flow.

Australian Silky Terrier: coat

Flat, fine and shiny and silky, the coat ofAustralian Silky Terrier it's very beautiful. The hair reaches a length of 13 - 15 cm, in the area that goes from behind the ears to the junction of the tail, hoping that it will not trip him while he is intent on playing or hunting. We are at the limit! In fact all the limbs, both anterior and posterior, from the wrists and from the hocks to the feet, are not covered with long hair.

As for the colors allowed by the breed standard, we find the blue, tan, or gray blue, tan and the more intense the color the more it is appreciated. There are various characteristics that are more or less appreciated from specimen to specimen: for example, the blue on the tail must be very dark, the toupee better if it is silver blue or fawn.

The blue and tan version shows the tan at the base of the ears, on the muzzle and on the side of the cheeks, blue instead at the base of the skull up to the tip of the tail, down to the forelimbs on the wrists and along the thighs to the hocks. . The body appears without dark black or shaded spots, the only exception is tolerated for puppies, but not over 17-18 months of age.

The cloak ofAustralian Silky Terrier it is certainly a source of pride for this dog that usually looks pretty well-groomed, it is also up to us to keep it that way.

Australian Silky Terrier: breeding

The only breeding of Australian Silky Terrier in Italy recognized by ENCI is the one in the province of Novara, in Vaprio d’Agogna, it is called Alibi and also keeps the Yorkshire Terrier, with recent litters reported in 2016. The spread of Silky Terrier in Italy it is not abundant, there are about 20 specimens declared to ENCI in 2014, in 2015 a decisive decrease follows.

Australian Silky Terrier: price

The price of a puppy's Australian Silky Terrier it is difficult to estimate given the low presence of the breed in our country, it is best to contact the breeding that ENCI indicates directly to obtain not only the price but also useful information on the type of dog we intend to take with us. It is very important to be sure that it is compatible with our habits and with the characteristics of the environment in which he will spend his days.

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