Multifunction ceiling with LED

Multifunction ceiling with LED

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Thefalse ceiling with ledit can make the house more modern and accompany the inhabitants along paths of light integrated right into the ceiling. On this page we will see how to create a false ceiling and we will give you some ideas to make the most of it both for the integration of the LED lighting system and for the housing of other systems. There will be a video for DIY assembly.

Thecountertopallows us to vary the height of a room by creating aloweringconsisting of plasterboard panels. For all information on laying the false ceiling, on a correct construction and on the thicknesses to be used to make it thermal insulating, please refer to the pageHow to make a false ceiling. In this article we will focus on the systems to be integrated into the false ceiling, first of all, the LED lighting system.

In addition to allowing us to better manage height, thecountertopretains several advantages. The false ceiling can also perform a technical function for housing elements of the air conditioning system, different types of lighting bodies (spotlights, LEDs...), the sound system for piped music ... In addition, thecountertopmakes it easier for us to create a partition wall, even better if it is sliding with a double panel (in wood, glass, mirrored ...) which divides two different rooms.

In the false ceiling it is possible to cut out different thicknesses and create geometric shapes to be enhanced with LED spotlights also of different types and colors. For example, in the bedroom, in correspondence with the large double bed, a square could be cut out of the ceiling which decreases in thickness asheadboards of the bedyou move to the terminal part. To get a rough idea of ​​the structure just described, you can take a look at the opening image of the articlehow to make a false ceiling where the decorative cutout in the countertop it is placed in the kitchen, at the height of the dining table.

False ceiling with led

LED lighting system integrated into the false ceiling
Imagine two long light cuts that converge from above towards the entrance to the bedroom, drawing a triangle of light right in the ceiling. We are talking about an original solution that allows you to install LED light strips along the entire length of the ceiling and this possibility is given by the thickness that we have carved with thecountertop

The LED lighting system integrated into thecountertopperforms various functions: it makes the environment modern, performs an aesthetic function by making the rooms seem more spacious and can highlight certain elements of the room. The LED lighting system integrated into thecountertopit is useful to identify a path to the sleeping area, to illuminate certain areas of the room or to create plays of light.

A strip of LED spotlights with a diameter of 2 cm is enough to create a linear light path with a variable length according to the size of the room. LED strips can move around the perimeter of a room or create custom highlights. Spotlights, LED strips, LED strips of various thicknesses, light points… the shapes are highly customizable. For instructions for mounting a LED light profile in the plasterboard of the false ceiling, please refer to the video at the end of this page.

Suspended ceiling with LED: who to contact

The suspended ceiling with LED it must be carried out by a qualified installer to be sure to obtain an optimal result in terms of design, safety and containment of consumption. Among the qualified installers operating throughout the national territory, we point out Luceled (official website which has specialized technicians with proven experience.

False ceiling with ducted air conditioning system

As well as the acoustic system for piped music, also theair conditioning systemcan be housed in thecountertop. We all know that the air conditioning system works thanks to an internal split and an external machine, usually placed outside the window or on the balcony, with theducted systemthe indoor unit is hidden in thecountertopand manages to deliverheat (or fresh air) through outlets in each room.

The temperature can be adjusted using single remote controls that can individually control the air outflow from the vents. In this way, each chamber will have its ideal temperature: for temperature management, probes that can function as thermostats are mounted at the level of each vent. Like the heating system, even a ducted system described in this way can be managed remotely with the aid of wifi thermostats that allow us to adjust the home temperature from the smartphone.

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