McTER Cogeneration 2016

McTER Cogeneration 2016

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McTER Cogeneration 2016, the June 30 in Milan: these are the reference coordinates in order not to miss the event of the year in the sector, the Exhibition and Conference dedicated to Cogeneration Applications, organized by EIOM now in its 17th edition.

It is a whole day entitled to the "cry" and with the title of "mcTER Cogeneration 2016"Calls all professionals working in the field together, the challenge of this upcoming edition is to beat the visitor record already recorded in 2015, the year in which it was confirmed more than ever a vertical reference event.

Attend mcTER Cogeneration 2016 it means ensuring the possibility of meeting, and this applies both to companies and to qualified operators, but not only. The June 30 in Milan we are satisfied with a handshake or an exchange of business cards: the goal, already achieved in previous editions, is to share updates and best practices in the field of cogeneration and ofenergy efficiency.

At the end of the day mcTER Cogeneration 2016 each participant will be able to say that they have implemented their knowledge in the sector in which they operate every day, and will operate, even after this appointment, and will be able to do it with an extra gear. With the strategies and new business models who saw and learned a mcTER Cogeneration 2016.

As for the format of the event, the2016 edition resumes what has already been successful in the past both among the visitors, who came in large numbers and left satisfied, and among the companies and exhibitors. The winning formula is that of the trident: in addition to the Business protagonists of mcTER Cogeneration 2016 there will also be training and professional updating.

For anyone who is wondering the program of this full immersion, there he is. The morning is dedicated to specific conference sessions in which companies and professionals of the sector take part in a narrative relay of the recent progress of the sector. Eyes on the latest technological innovations in the field of cogeneration, biomass, biogas and biomethane. A look into the future, of course, from mcTER Cogeneration 2016 towards 2017 and beyond, with new opportunities for the supply chain.

The afternoon is then the time to choose between the various technical-application workshops organized by the participating companies a mcTER Cogeneration 2016. For them it is time both to present technological solutions considered to be the most advanced, always concerning cogeneration and energy efficiency, and to return to what they said or heard in the morning with rich and interesting insights.

Morning to afternoon, all participants a mcTER Cogeneration 2016 they can make a passage, or stop for a long time, in the exhibition area specially set up to give space and ensure that direct contact and collaboration are created between visitors, companies and professionals.

A manifestation like mcTER Cogeneration 2016 can not only have sponsors, but platinum sponsor, and it comes to leading companies in the field of cogeneration and energy such as 2G, AB Energy, Bosch, E.ON, Ener-g, Intergen, Ranieri Tonissi.

Alongside EOM to achieve mcTER Cogeneration 2016 The presence of realities that have collaborated in the expected success was precious: ATI (Italian Thermotechnical Association) and the involvement of CTI (Italian Thermotechnical Committee) and CIB (Italian Biogas Consortium), enjoys the patronage of COGENA (Italian Association for the promotion of Cogeneration), CIG (Italian Gas Committee), FIPER (Italian Federation of Renewable Energy Producers), ITABIA (Italian Biomass Association) and receives the promotional support of important sector publications such as "La Termotecnica", "Biomass - Bio-Gas Guide" and "Energy and Surroundings".

An event like mcTER Cogeneration 2016 brings with it in the agendas of sector employees other events related to the cogeneration sector and planned to coincide with the day of the June 30th. mcTER Bio-Gas is mcTER Foret. The first is the reference appointment for gaseous biofuels and focuses in particular on biomethane issues. mcTER Forest is instead the event now in its sixth edition, dedicated to solutions and technologies for biomass plants to be used in cogeneration field.

To consult the complete program of mcTER Cogeneration 2016 just consult the section dedicated to the event on the mcTER website. With my advice to evaluate theidea of ​​pre-registering. It is not an option for the anxious but an opportunity to enjoy numerous benefits and services. For example, the certain participation in the conferences and in-depth seminars proposed, with a transition to the coffee break and the buffet offered by the sponsors. No less important, indeed very valuable, is also the possibility to download the proceedings of the conferences at the end of the conference for free in PDF format mcTER Cogeneration 2016.

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