Clumber Spaniel: character and breeding

Clumber Spaniel: character and breeding

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Clumber Spaniel, a hunting dog known almost exclusively in England and France. Yet he is highly regarded and would be happy to go and explore new territory, as brave and lively as he shows himself, and is. We begin to get to know him, hoping that he will arrive in Italy as well as his others fellow Spaniels. Today it is present, but little bred, even in United States, stands out among his peers because he is very active but always with an expression that has a thoughtful quality. Who knows what he is planning!

Clumber Spaniel: origins

Classified in the group of hunting dogs and water dogs, the breed of the Clumber Spaniel it is of English origin and was born as an "internal" cross between hunting dogs used in France to beat the ground and to retrieve. That's right, the breed is officially attributed to Great Britain but the first examples of Clumber Spaniel were born from the union between Spaniel of the Alps and "French Bassets".

In England this dog, not yet officially named, arrives at the end of the 18th century due to the Revolution. In fact the duke of Noailles who raised the Clumber Spaniel to save him he reluctantly sent him but for the sake of his four-legged friends, to his friend the Duke of Newcastel.

TO Clumber Park and here is the name of the breed and the official status. And the English passport. Obviously the British themselves do not subscribe to this version of the history of Clumber Spaniel and they have no intention of admitting that the first examples are made in France.

Without voicing the diatribes between the two peoples, we can admire examples of Clumber Spaniel in paintings dating back to 1788: it is a breed that has been liked for years, even by many of blue blood like Prince Albert and his son, King Edward VII and also to George V.

Clumber Spaniel: characteristics

The Clumber Spaniel it is a medium-sized dog with a fairly proportionate body overall, robust and with evident heavy bone. We certainly cannot speak of a slender and long-limbed animal but neither of a stocky dog. The height at the withers according to the official standard ranges from 48 to 51 cm, for a male the ideal weight corresponds to 34 kg, for the female about 30.

The trunk of the Clumber Spaniel it is long and feels heavy as it approaches the ground, but the back is straight, wide and long. The limbs are muscular, especially the posterior ones are noticed because they are very powerful and developed. The feet are also characteristic, large, round and covered with fur. The legs a little shorter than ideal and the body a little elongated, give the Clumber Spaniel a rather swinging gait that makes it particularly nice but not clumsy, the tail accompanies with rhythm, well fringed, not disheveled.

Moving on to the head of this rareEnglish Spaniel , it is square and massive just like the whole skull and both the accentuated brow arches and a deep stop are evident. The lips appear well developed and the rather broad nose is not of the usual black color but flesh color. The jaws of the Clumber Spaniel they are very developed but the teeth appear perfect, from the head emerge some ears in the shape of vine leaves, they are large and covered with abundant straight hair, they fall forward but not too much. The eyes are slightly sunken but it is look is thoughtful and clear, never dark, dark amber, slightly sunken.

As for the hair of the Clumber Spaniel, as we can imagine from feet, tail and ears, it is abundant, dense and straight. The official standard of the breed as allowed colors indicates white, first of all, with lemon spots, but orange is also fine. If our Clumber Spaniel shows small spots on the head and pecks on the face, which is tolerated.

Clumber Spaniel: character

Among the various Spaniels the our Clumber it stands out because it is particularly courageous and determined.Yes, we are facing a dog that can well be defined as stoic when it carries out its work in the field, and in general in every context, always consistently strong, energetic, generous and very intelligent.

He has talent, ours Clumber Spaniel, but he is also very dedicated to his duties as a hunting dog, therefore he is very appreciated, even as a guardian, In recent years, showing a very calm, reliable, dignified attitude, he has convinced many that he is also a desirable companion dog and has not pretended . Who has it, can confirm it: the Clumber Spaniel it fits well in the apartment, never has aggressive tendencies and trains easily. Even with children, he knows how to behave and is a playmate full of energy.

He is always faithful and affectionate towards his owner, even with other dogs very friendly. The ideal is to host him by giving him the opportunity to have a garden but an apartment can also go, as long as we promise him many walks.

Clumber Spaniel: breeding

Little widespread breed in Italy, the Clumber Spaniel it is raised only in the Pavia area as indicated by the official website of ENCI which suggests theBear's Bay cattery. In Italy in the last decade the maximum presence recorded by ENCI for this dog is close to ten specimens, so it is easy to imagine that at the moment few farms keep this breed.

Clumber Spaniel: puppies

If you are engaged in the difficult task of finding a puppy Clumber Spaniel in Italy, begin to evaluate also the possible defects. Some are perfectionists, some are not. The most common ones indicated by the official breed standard are, for example, prognathism, lack of teeth, a too long head, incorrect gait, a shy or fearful character, head and skull disproportionate to the trunk.

Even colors that are not the ones already indicated must not appear on the body of the Clumber Spaniel, no very clear eyes, then, and not even small ears or badly worn.

Clumber Spaniel: price

To find out the price of this breed, what should be done is to contact the farms that keep it directly. Difficult to evaluate it referring to other more popular Spaniels because certainly the almost unavailability of specimens of Clumber Spaniel in the peninsula it raises the figures at stake. However, it remains a dog to know and to focus on in the future, waiting for its moment of popularity.

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