Vintage handcrafted bicycles in Milan

Vintage handcrafted bicycles in Milan

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The handcrafted bicycles in Milan they are an increasingly popular product because they have several advantages which I will write about in this article.

The concept of sustainable mobility is slowly establishing itself in my city too, Milan, and the cycle paths Fortunately, they are spreading more and more even if they do not always have the "ideal characteristics" desired by cyclists or protected paths, with smooth asphalt, reserved only for bikes, and not for pedestrians and cyclists alike, and without sudden interruptions or narrowings. ... but I fully agree in this case with the famous Milanese saying: "Piutost che nient l'è mei piutost"! :-)… “It is better to have something rather than nothing”.

There is certainly ample room for improvement to get closer to the city routes available in the large cities of northern Europe such as those in Berlin, Amsterdam and Copenhagen that I was able to travel personally.

TO Milan get around by bicycle leaving the car at home is becoming avirtuous habit but also “trendy”. … And to be in Milan trendy for a good number of people it is essential!

The Milanese, budget permitting because these days it has become a moderate limit for many, if they decide to do something, they want to do it "as it should" and handcrafted bicycles allow you to have a fully customizable and high quality vehicle.

So I turned to Luca Sartori, founder of Sartori Bikes, (official website a laboratory specialized in the creation of handcrafted vintage bicycles, to get more information on the characteristics and advantages of these small jewels. Here is a brief exchange of questions - answers:

Matteo - IdeeGreen: "Luca, tell me a little about your business ..."

Luca - Sartori Bikes: "Sartori Bikes is an Italian company that produces classic and electric vintage bicycles with a retro feel with handcrafted frames, as well as leather bags and purses that are supplied. Even the assembly, such as the spoking of the wheels are done entirely by hand. The our vintage classic and electric bicycles they are not mass production vehicles, to be changed when they break, but unique pieces built to adhere to the owner and to last over time. "

Matteo - IdeeGreen: "What are the possible customizations of your creations?"

Luca - Sartori Bikes: "Our vintage bikes are completely customizable in both color and set-up (saddles, tires, grips, handlebar folds and anything else our customers may wish) and are numbered with a distinctive plate, and the customer is also given a certificate of property."

Quality components and craftsmanship are the ingredients of Sartori Bikes vintage bicycles

Matteo - IdeeGreen:"The frame is one of the most important elements of a good bike: what types of frames do you use?"

Luca - Sartori Bikes: “The frames of ours handcrafted vintage bikes they are rigorously made in Italy and are made of steel with the brazing technique by craftsmen with decades of experience and a long Italian cycling tradition, selected for their enormous professionalism and attention to detail. In this way, we can even contain the weight of electric bicycles which are the lightest on the market, weighing between 17 and 20 kg. "

Gran Turismo E-Motion, the full-option vintage bicycle ideal for traveling long distances in comfort.

Matteo - IdeeGreen:“Luca, tell me something more about yours vintage electric bikes ... what technology do you use? "

Luca - Sartori Bikes: “The electrical part is characterized by solutions both with a central motor, with a maximum slope that can be overcome of 20%, and at the wheel hub, with a maximum slope that can be overcome of 10%. The batteries are removable and super light lithium, weighing about 2 kg, and a guaranteed range of up to 75 km at a constant speed of 25km / h.

Matteo - IdeeGreen:"Among the obstacles to the daily use of bicycles as a means of transport in Milan are possible thefts: have you thought of any particular anti-theft devices for your bikes?

Luca - Sartori Bikes: "The vintage electric bikes can be equipped withanti-theft and GPS BTrack locator, designed in Italy, which our customers can then easily control via their smartphone. The satellite device in addition to the anti-theft function allows the tracking of the bicycle and the processing of route statistics (Editor's note. Find more details and information on BTrack at this address:

Matteo - IdeeGreen:"... and what about prices, can you give our users an order of magnitude?"

Luca - Sartori Bikes: “Prices depend on the model and type of equipment chosen. Thanks to the configurator, our customers can obtain the estimate of the classic or electric vintage bicycle in real time.

The classic vintage bikes have prices ranging from 530 euros for the Dolcevita (the elegant folding bicycle in the 60's style, ideal for urban use) to 870 euros for the Campagnola (the bicycle with reinforced frame and wheels suitable for both the countryside and for the city).
Prices of vintage electric bikes vary between 1520 Euros for the Isotta E-Drive (the latest born in Sartori Bikes) to 2110 Euros for the Gran Turismo E-Motion (the full optional vintage electric bicycle).

Matteo - IdeeGreen:"Do you also foresee discounts or offers for your bikes?"

Luca - Sartori Bikes: "Alongside the production of handcrafted vintage bicycles tailored to the needs of our customers, we also create exhibition models for shops and / or trade fairs (such as the Salone del Mobile in Milan) which we then offer to our customers with discounts up to 30%. "

The Dolcevita folding vintage bicycle in classic and electric version

Matteo - IdeeGreen:"Can your handcrafted bikes also be purchased online or do your customers have to come to the shop?"

Luca - Sartori Bikes: “Our bikes can be configured in every detail and ordered directly online or by email at [email protected]. For shipments we use national and international couriers that allow us to deliver our bikes in a maximum of 72 hours.

For online payments we accept all major credit cards and Paypal or alternatively our customers can pay us by bank transfer.

I thank Luca for the time he has dedicated to us and for more information on Sartori Bikes handcrafted bikes invitation to visit the official website: www.sartoribikes.comor the Facebook page

Opening image of this article: the Super light handcrafted bicycle with a double-barreled frame with soft and slender lines reminiscent of the 1950s.

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