Tari reduction for composting

Tari reduction for composting

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Tari reduction for composting: those who produce compost have the right to save on the waste tax. Here's how the recycling of organic waste pays: what to do to get the tari reduction.

Theretariand thewaste management tax, is established by the municipalities and covers the costs of waste disposal and collection. Citizens who independently dispose of the organic fraction through thecompostingare entitled to onereduction on the tari, let's see how to get the benefit.

TARI, what is it

ThereTARIis the new name given to the waste tax. It replaces the Tares which in 2014 had replaced the Tarsu which in turn had taken the place of the Tia. The tari is part of the municipal tax Luc with the Imu and is part of the Tasi, that is, the municipal tax for the indivisible services provided.

Those who own agricultural land can take advantage of specific reductions on both the TASI (and tari) and the IMU. For this type of tax reduction, please refer to the pages:

  • Tasi on agricultural land
  • Imu on agricultural land

Tari reduction for composting

The Tari provides, at the local level, various reductions based on particular cases, among these there is also the production ofhome compost. With home composting, you can save up to 30 percent on the final cost of thewaste tax. In fact, the percentage discount to apply on thewaste taxthanks to compost, it varies from region to region and sometimes from province to province. In Trieste, the Municipality has established that users who have composted can have onediscount on the TARI20%, while in Bologna the reduction is only 10% of the due rate.

Home composting: how much can you save on the waste tax?

The production of compost in the home allows better management of organic waste with benefits for the municipality of residence and for the environment.

According to the data released by Legambiente, an Italian average family that carries out the system ofhome compostingcan save up to 60 euros per year onwaste tax. A single living in a house of about 50 square meters can make a saving of about 21 euros while if a couple lives in a 60 square meter apartment, according to the data released by Legambiente, they will save 40 euros.

Tari reduction for composting: how to apply

Anyone who autonomously supplies domestic compost and wishes to benefit from the reduction on the waste tax must submit a specific application to the Tax Office of the Municipality of residence. The request can be made either on plain paper, or by filling out a pre-printed form if the office of the municipality of residence has it.

In the request to save on the waste tax, it will be necessary to enter:

  • their personal data complete with date and place of birth, tax code and residence.
  • The data relating to the property.
  • The methods of disposal of the organic fraction, if the compost is placed in the garden and is heaped, if instead a composter placed on the balcony has been adopted ...

In some municipalities of Italy (few rare pearls), the Administration offices have a sort ofregister of composters. Following the request to reduce the tari for composting, the Municipality of residence will insert the applicant in the list of composters with the dual function of identifying precisely the most environmentally conscious citizens and constantly monitoring the work. In the presence of the legal requirements, the municipality of residence will accept the request for a reduction on the waste tax and will reserve the right to carry out any checks to verify the presence of the composter.

In some municipalities in Italy, a photocopy of the taxpayer's identity card and photo of the compost heap or composter must be attached to the paper request containing the data reported above.

The request for reduction must be submitted annually at the offices of the Municipality of Residence or sent by registered mail (with return receipt) to Ama.

For advice on how to start home composting in the best possible way, we invite you to read the page dedicated to the most frequent problems (management of bad odors, leakage of any liquids ...) of compost production in the home:home composting, frequent problems and solutions.

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