Dog hotels: how to spot them

Dog hotels: how to spot them

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Dog hotel, for those who love dogs and do not intend to give up the company of their four-legged on vacation. Indeed, he wants to make it his own opportunity to spend quality time together. Goodbye frantic stroll, around the block, stolen from the tired post-office evening, or from the cold and foggy dawn.

Dog hotel even for those who cannot find a place or cannot afford to leave their furry friend in an ad hoc pension, thus preferring to take them with them to their chosen holiday destination. These and other examples only lead me to think that it is necessary to talk about accommodation facilities that accept, indeed, welcome dogs, as they should, "Friendly": in friendship.

Dog friendly hotels: here's how to find a dog friendly hotel

In order not to have to pass one by one the hotels or guesthouses that attract us, checking if the symbol of the appears dog welcome, or the banished dog, better start from the assumption that we will start with theanimal by our side and whoever welcomes us will have to open the doors to him too.

The best way not to break your eyes in front of the screen, and your head, reading and clicking, is to consult specialized sites dedicated to dog owners, inseparable from their pets for 12 months out of 12. Here are some suggestions.

A, indeed, the site that loves those who love animals, is Pethotels, full of addresses but also of tips and holiday tips to travel with 6 legs, our 2 and 4 of our big dog, or little dog. By consulting this portal you can stay up to date on news on travel and animals, to take them around - sea, mountains or cities - without worry and with all the even more “technical” information you need.

UpDogWelcome a world of information: this is the first "Italian Bau-advisor ", active for 17 years. It indicates all kinds of establishments, with reviews: from hotels to baubeaches, from gas stations to museums, from restaurants and bars to shops. It's not over: we find itineraries to travel, transport, entry rules and phrasebooks for abroad, and then useful sections also in the city, on topics such as first aid, poisonous plants and much more.

In the site Trip For Dog you can then find a wealth of addresses and useful references for those traveling with four legs. Not only Dog hotel but also farmhouses, holiday homes, dog-pools, museums that accept dogs, dedicated shops, camping and "dog beaches”.

Hotel for dogs in Rimini

If we are looking for a hotel for dogs or an apartment near the beach in Rimini, help comes from the "dog beach Rimini dog no problem”That on his site takes the trouble to advise us numerous Dog hotel and Residence, ensuring that once they arrive, they will be greeted with a smile, a caress and the necessary facilities.

Always updated, the portal of this friendly beach indicates various hotel for dogs in Rimini and surroundings, including the Mario's Bed & Breakfast, the Diamond Hotel, the Eurogarden Residence and the Principe Hotel, all three-star, the 4-star and four-legged Hotel Parco dei Principi, and then the Sirenapop Bed & Breakfast for those who prefer this receptive formula.

Hotel for dogs in Riccione

Riccione lovers, owners of a barking quadruped, need to find Dog hotel in the area so as not to have to give up a relaxing beach holiday without the thought of Fido is far away. There is no shortage of possibilities to stay in this one beautiful Adriatic location seen the number of Dog hotel present, of different categories, near the beach or more isolated and quiet.

Found theDog hotel that suits us, there are many Fido Beach, bathing establishments that dedicate spaces and services to dogs and also to cats. Here, access to animals is free and dogs can take advantage of an umbrella, sun beds, water bowl and many games on the beach. The Family Hotel Antibes, the Riccione Beach Hotel Hannover and the Hotel Augustus are just three examples, of the over 160 hotels for dogs in the Riccione area that can be easily reached online.

Hotel for dogs in Trentino Alto Adige

Fresh and welcoming land, even the Trentino Alto Adige he certainly does not claim that those who love their dogs are forced to part with them to go to the mountains. There are fior di Hotel for dogs ready to meet human and animal needs, those that we find indicated in the tourism sites of the region are all Dog hotel that ensure welcome for dogs of all sizes, reasonable rates, room space sufficient for a basket or blanket, a dining room for guests with dogs, a bowl of water and food always available and information on pet stores, veterinary shops and entertainment or service facilities.

A stuffed list of Dog hotel is online on the website, which also recommends the Rainer residence in Ridanna, the Aqualis residence in Marling, and the St. Anton hotel, among others. in the Sciliar area.

Dog hotel in Liguria

Liguria is no less in terms of the offer of hotels for dogs: even on the Tyrrhenian coasts, therefore, everything is ready to welcome us if we leave with our four-legged friend. In the Five lands, also well known for the national park of the same name, there is the Hotel Stella della Marina, in Monterosso, in Santa Margherita Ligure instead, the Hotel Villa Anita, in Rapallo, and the Hotel Astoria is just one example.

And Portofino? Famous but also dog friendly, thanks to the Piccolo Portofino Hotel. We pass elsewhere, towards Levanto, with the Hotel Abetaia, and in another well-known seaside resort in the Region such as Sanremo which is by no means devoid of Dog hotel. One is the Hotel Sylva.

Dog hotel in Tuscany

Province better, province worse, a little "patchy" but even Tuscany is not without Dog hotels: In Massa there are the Roby Hotel and the Cabrini Hotel, in Marina di Bibbona the nice Hotel Nina, in Castiglione della Pescaia one of the structures indicated as dog friendly is the Hotel L’Approdo and in Porto Santo Stefano there is the Hotel Torre di Calapiccola. For those who dive into the cities of art as a hotel for dogs a Florence find for example Forte 16 while in Siena, the Hotel Athena.

Dog hotels: what the law provides

Referring to the sites of the first paragraph for the goals that I did not mention in telling this Italy of canine tourism, it seems useful to me to mention the current legislation on the dog hotel issue. I can refer to the most recent news that has appeared regarding the possibility of entry of dogs and other pets in hotels and other public establishments, starting from the fact that there are no sanitary reasons to prevent access.

It should be noted, for the Dog hotel as for similar structures, that managers have the option of not allowing pets to enter, unless the mayors require them to do otherwise. Another exception, or a separate case, of course, is that of guide dogs for the blind. For those who want to deepen this side of the question Dog hotel can refer to law no. 37/1975.

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