How to reuse old jeans

How to reuse old jeans

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How to reuse jeans: create unique objects and accessories with old jeans, at no cost! The most original and simple ideas to make with old, broken or too baggy jeans! Here's what to do.

Believe it or not, jeans represent one of the most resistant fabrics in the world. Precisely for this reason, throwing clothes made with this material in the trash is really a waste!

Who doesn't have a pair of old jeans in the closet that they would like to throw away but just don't have the courage?Do you know that you can reuse these items of clothing in many ways? Giving new life to trousers has never been easier. Let's find out in this article how to reuse jeans.

Like recycle jeans to make a tablet case to make a bag with jeans is one of the most sought after tutorials on the net. However, it is not the only accessory that can be created. With a very similar technique, combined with a sewing machine and a lot of good will, it is possible to reuse the jeans also to create cases for tablets or PCs.

With a sewing machine the result will be longer lasting and the work more precise but those who are not so familiar with sewing can also simply use hot glue (for mobile phone cases in jeans the glue is perfect!).

Tablet case made with jeans: material

- A pair of jeans.
- Scissors.
- Stapler (or hot glue for mobile phone holders).
- Fabric to line the inside of the case.
- A zipper.

Instructions for creating a case for tablet with jeans

- At the height of the crotch, cut the legs of the trousers (to make the mobile phone holder, just cut a piece of fabric large enough to hold the smartphone).
- Cut or unstitch any flaps of internal fabric (which would “steal” space from the tablet.
- Sew (or glue) the lining inside the fabric.
- Also sew the bottom of the case so that the tablet does not slip out!
- Apply the zipper in order to make the case resealable (alternatively it is possible to apply adhesive velcro).
- Your tablet case is ready, customizable and one of a kind!

How to reuse jeans to make a phone holder

As already mentioned, with the same technique as the tablet case you can make a mobile phone holder or PC holder. Just create a smaller case and that's it!

How to reuse jeans to make a trivet

Needed to create a trivet with jeans
- A pair of jeans.
- Scissors
- Hot glue.

Procedure for creating a trivet with jeans

- With scissors, cut strips of fabric about 4 cm wide and as long as you like (try to make one first to adjust).
- With a thin layer of hot glue, fold the strips back on themselves at least a couple of times (use a little glue otherwise the fabric will become too stiff and difficult to use).
- At this point the fabric is similar to a kind of flexible "stick" of jeans.
- Roll the jean splint around itself to create a spiral.
- Glue the final part of the spiral with abundant glue so that the trivet does not break.

How to make coasters with jeans

With the same technique of the trivet it is also possible to create special coasters. You can vary the circumference of the spiral in order to make customized coasters according to the size of your glasses! With fabric markers you could create different patterns: flowers or even just polka dots will make your coasters truly unique!

How to reuse jeans to create custom pillow cases

After making home-made objects by recycling old jeans, it is inevitable that many apparently unusable scraps of fabric remain. In fact, even these are reusable and it's really that simple. Making pillow cases using leftover scraps of jeans is child's play! Just sew (or glue) all the shreds of fabric on an old cotton pillowcase (or other material). The effect is truly modern and it will seem that you have purchased new and incredibly fashion furnishing accessories!

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