Alto Adige awarded at the International Forum

Alto Adige awarded at the International Forum

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South Tyrol won the "Smart Cities Against Pollution“, He withdrew it the President of IDM Südtirol. South Tyrol Thomas Aichner to whom we asked to tell how he came to win it. And he did not fail to give us some suggestions so that even those who are a few steps below his, on the first of the podium, can achieve good results in the environmental sustainability applied to architecture and construction.

Aichner received the award on July 21, 2016 in Hall of Honor Palazzo della Triennale di Milano because his was the first province to introduce green concepts in Italy to architectural achievements and building technologies. Better to know more, to imitate them immediately.

1) What does this award mean for your territory?

The prize "Smart Cities Against Pollution " gives us great satisfaction. For me, for us, it represents a recognition of our attitude and of the concrete work that has been done both by public hands and by many individual companies active in the area.

2) Have you already received other awards for the work done on this issue?

Yes, but so far individual initiatives had been awarded, especially at the municipal or company level. The prize "Smart Cities Against Pollution " he is the first to recognize what we have done and are doing as a whole, throughout the province.

3) In practice, what did "introducing the concept of environmental sustainability linked to architectural achievements and building technologies" mean to you?

This new orientation adopted by our province has had very concrete effects on building regulations. At first glance they may also appear to be partly critical.

4) An example?

A simple but effective example: the costs to build a sustainable building they are higher than for a traditional building. But then you save, and also very quickly, what you spent more at the beginning, thanks to the very low costs for heating and / or air conditioning. It is important and not trivial, to best convey this concept to the whole population: we need to communicate the so-called “big picture”, that is the added value of an uncontaminated nature. The fact is that quality also produces costs, and therefore these costs must be justified in a plausible way, otherwise families and even companies do not take this path.

5) What economic impact did your “green” choice have on the territory?

There green revolution it is also an amplifier for the economy and this is a very interesting fact. It takes a lot of technological innovation to reduce the ecological impact in the production of goods or in the construction of buildings. Furthermore, the market for sustainable products is growing: more and more people are willing to pay a higher price for this added quality.

6) How did residents and tourists react to your green choice?

The Alto Adige people are very proud of the project, but also of the fact that more than half of our electricity needs come from renewable sources, primarily water. The orientation of South Tyrol / Südtirol towards sustainability is also positive factor for tourism, simply because the guest, just like the resident, appreciates a clean nature with high biodiversity.

7) If you were to give advice to those who are now undertaking environmental sustainability policies, what would you say?

I would tell him: “You know the English saying of the 3 Rs: Reuse, Reduse, Resycle. Put a 4. A: Rethink. Imagine your city, your most sustainable region, cleaner and after that you will activate automatically.

Intrigued, enchanted, inspired by the words and actions of South Tyrol, we can deepen them and discover many others that are always green and protect the environment by visiting the official site.

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