Kooikerhondje: character and breeding

Kooikerhondje: character and breeding

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Kooikerhondje, from Holland, a dog that unfortunately is known only at home or almost. We begin to know him from a distance, because in Italy there are about ten, ten in total scattered here and there around the peninsula. This breed belongs to those of retriever, gods hunting dogs and water dogs even if in the past due to its small size, it had been included among the companion dogs. This then suggests that it is of small size but it remains excellent as a hunting animal because it sports one enviable and agile silhouette, a little squared off. Remember a small Epagneul.

Kooikerhondje: characteristics

In addition to being a small dog, this is now very clear, the Kooikerhondje it is an animal with the appearance of a hunting dog and a charming coat, spotted with red and orange. Its physical structure, in scale, remains very harmonious and can be inscribed in a square, when it moves towards us, it does so by holding its head high, moving its tail, with waving fringes. A peculiarity of the Kooikerhondje they are the tips of the ears with black fur, so much so that it is often mocked good-naturedly by telling that he wears "earrings".

Kooikerhondje: puppies

THE Kooikerhondje puppies they are very small, not skinny, but quite small in all dimensions. In height, measured at the withers, when adults they never exceed 40 cm, let alone when young or just born. However, it is immediately evident that this breed enjoys one proportionate structure, not too long, with head and muzzle in proportion to each other and the nose always of black colour at the end.

Being the Kooikerhondje a hunting dog, it is obvious that the nostrils are physiologically well open, the ears rather large and with a low set, moreover they are carried drooping, on the cheeks, with a black tip as we have already specified, with a touch of irony never bad.

If the ears end in black, the tail responds ending in white, it is carried horizontal, never rolled up, it is equipped with thick fringes but what you immediately notice is the white plume. The eyes of this breed of Dutch hunting dogs they are almond-shaped, they transmit sweetness but also a lot of vitality, they are always dark brown in color.

The hair of the Kooikerhondje it does not require particular grooming, it is of medium length and is sometimes smooth, other times slightly wavy but never curled. It remains close to the body and there is also a rather evident undercoat.

THE colors of the Kooikerhondje they can be white, background, with orange and red streaks, and various shades between these two extremes. It is not possible, according to the breed standard, to find black dogs streaked with white or tricolor dogs, and neither are specimens with white heads and orange to red cheeks.

Kooikerhondje: character

The Kooikerhondje he is a hunting dog that takes his job seriously and achieves excellent results especially when it comes to water game. It is small but has the classic nature of any hunting dog, even of very different sizes: it is very alert, cheerful but not to the point of becoming noisy and annoying.

If he hunts, he takes care to hunt, but otherwise manifests a strong attachment to the house or in general to the place and context in which it has been inserted, is sociable, sweet and feels good in the apartment. Indeed, if we live in places where it is necessary, the Kooikerhondje it also becomes an excellent hunter of mice and other rodents.

Kooikerhondje: farms

Also called Petit chien hollandais de chasse au gibier d’eau, the Kooikerhondje was officially recognized in 1971 but already in 1942, during the Second World War, the Baroness Van Hardenbroek van Ammersol, had begun the work of selecting this breed whose progenitor is called Tommy, and is a female.

Before the final officialization of the breed, a first step took place in 1966 when the Raad van Beheer, which would be the Dutch Kennel Club, had adopted Kooikerhondje provisionally, pushing for the final "yes". This late "okay" does not explain much, knowing that it is instead a dog of known and ancient origins, also certified by artwork who see him clearly portrayed.

Kooikerhondje: price

Almost absent in Italy and almost everywhere difficult to find, except in Holland, the Kooikerhondje it is a dog of which it is difficult to indicate a price. Today it is a good companion dog, it would be, if a comfortable kennel could be found, but it is also used for the duck hunting where it is practiced. In particular the Kooikerhondje lures these animals by wagging their tails, moving oddly and intriguing the ducks until they fall into a trap.

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