Wallpaper, how to put it on

Wallpaper, how to put it on

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Wallpaper, how to put it on: instruction to apply the wallpaper without errors. The installation of the wallpaper for a perfect installation. From types to tips for choosing the best adhesive wallpaper to be glued with a brush.

In the article dedicated totypes of wallpaperwe explained that there is not a single type and that the installation varies according to the type of wallpaper. In summary, we can say that:

  • Traditional wallpaper
    therewallpaperin cellulose (the classic paper wallpapers), they are the most difficult to fix, they are not resistant to humidity and you could have problems laying for this reason!
  • Vinyl wallpaper
    This plastic material offers high quality finishes, relief effects, three-dimensional effects and is extremely resistant. It can be sold on a non-woven support or a cellulose support. When sold with a non-woven fabric support, it is extremely waterproof, resists moisture and installation is easier. For more information on prices, patterns and models: vinyl wallpapers on Amazon.
  • Non-woven wallpaper
    Therenon-woven wallpaperit can be characterized by textures that are sensitive to the touch, thus giving the wall a velvety, waxed effect ... as well as giving a motif chosen by the user. Also in this case the installation is simpler than with traditional wallpapers. For more information on prices, patterns and models: Non-woven wallpapers on Amazon

Wallpaper, removal and installation

In addition to laying, the removal of these decorative elements must be considered. Regardless of the material, now allwallpapers, if well mounted, they are resistant and have a duration of 10 - 12 years, however removal must also be considered.

There wallpaper in cellulose is more difficult to remove and tends to leave residues, so it will be necessary to sand and remove it with a long job. There removal plastic (vinyl) and non-woven wallpaper is easier because these papers leave no residue.

Wallpaper, how to put it on? As for the installation, as anticipated, it varies according to the material. With thewallpaper classic, the glue must be spread on the sheet with great attention to the dosage in order not to excessively impregnate the paper. With the wallpapers in vinyl and non-woven fabric, the adhesive can be spread directly on the wall.

Wallpaper, how to put it on

The assembly of thewallpaper, in recent years, it has become increasingly simple, however it requires a certain manual skill. To put a wallpaper, special adhesives are applied which vary according to the type of support and the weight of the coating.

Should the glue be spread on the sheet or on the wall?

  • The glue must be spread on the sheets in case of wallpaper in cellulose material.
  • The adhesive must be spread on the wall in case of wallpaper in non-woven fabric or in vinyl material.

If you do not have good dexterity, avoid engaging in the work of Fr.dare to work and use an upholsterer. How much does it cost to do mount some wallpaper? It depends on the size of your wall: on average, the cost to estimate is around 10 - 15 euros per square meter if the wall is in good condition.

For put the wallpaper:

  • fill any imperfections on the wall and make the surface as uniform as possible.
  • Calculate the height of the walls without baseboards and add 10 cm of difference for the two edges, in this way you can calculate the number of sheets you need.
  • Choose the right glue for wallpapering, cellulose and starch based adhesives are recommended for cellulose and vinyl wallpapers. These are powdered adhesives that must be mixed and must rest for 10 minutes before use. For fabric or fabric-backed vinyl coverings, a ready-made and specific vinyl glue is used.
  • Start applying the wallpaper from the edge of a window or door.
  • In the presence of electrical sockets, remove the plates and cut the wallpaper in a cross shape at the hole and then fold it inside and lock it with the mounting of the plate.
  • Some wallpapers have a pattern and are numbered, so follow the order and the assembly instructions in the purchase package.

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