8 alternative uses of coffee

8 alternative uses of coffee

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Alternative uses of coffee: as an anti-flea, to clean the toilet as a fertilizer ... there are many alternative uses for this very popular drink in the world.

Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most consumed beverages in the world; for many it represents a moment of pause during the day and recharge from tiredness: a real ritual! Coffee has a stimulating effect; it gives us the feeling of having recharged our energies, allowing us to carry out better the activities that require more effort and concentration.

Not everyone knows that coffee can be used to facilitate various tasks at home; it is also great for beauty remedies. Take note!

Alternative uses of coffee, recipes

On this page we will show you some alternative uses of leftover coffee; maybe you'll think again for a moment before throwing it down the drain.

1. Neutralizes bad smells

Ground coffee is very effective in neutralizing bad odors. Against, for example, bad smells in the refrigerator or in the car, just put about three tablespoons of coffee or its remains in a small container or in a tulle bag, to be stored in a corner of the area affected by the bad smell.

2. Hides white hair

Against white hair it is customary to resort to the dye that we find in supermarkets or supplies for hairdressers. However, those who care about hair health can opt for natural alternatives: coffee may be the best option.

For the application

1) Rinse all the hair with coffee,

2) Leave to cool to facilitate application from the hair roots

3) Leave to act for about a quarter of an hour then rinse with warm water.

3. As a fertilizer

Plants that require acidic soils love to be fertilized with coffee grounds: this brown powder holds important nutrients that stimulate the growth of plants such as azaleas, rhododendron and blueberries.

4. As an anti-flea

The aroma and flavor of coffee is considered an excellent repellent to combat fleas that usually take refuge in the fur of our animals. For application, just take the remains of the coffee and rub them on the previously washed animal hair. Once dry, it is good to brush it in order to improve its appearance.

The advantage of this natural anti-flea is that it releases a pleasant aroma without the presence of aggressive chemical compounds like the products we find on the market.

5. To clean the toilet

Bad smells coming from the toilet, as well as from the pipes of the sinks or bathtubs, can be neutralized with coffee. Just place some coffee grounds in a liter of water and pour it all down the drain to eliminate and prevent bad odor.

6. As a repellent for ants

The strong aroma of coffee is not at all appreciated by ants so we can consider it a valid natural repellent to remove them from the house. Just put the coffee grounds along the path formed by these insects.

7. To hide scratches in the wood

Over time, wood loses its luster and can be prone to scratches. To remedy this, we can prepare a thick mixture with a little coffee and water. Once ready we can use it to fill the small cracks.

8. As an exfoliant

Coffee is also effective in eliminating dead skin cells; let's not forget that the antioxidant and nourishing qualities present in this drink bring great benefits to the skin, preventing premature aging and various skin alterations. Just mix a little coffee residue with a spoonful of coconut or olive oil and apply it to the areas to be exfoliated.

You can also use this treatment to massage the buttocks and legs; it is also an excellent anti cellulite. The caffeine present in coffee stimulates circulation, helping to reduce the annoying orange skin.

Did you know these alternative uses of coffee? Now that you are aware of it, don't hesitate to reuse the leftover coffee in the pot.

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