Pitbull dog: character and price

Pitbull dog: character and price

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Pitbull dog, made in the USA but not officially recognized breed, not yet, at least. Yet he is known, indeed, even if not recognized, unfortunately often for the many rumors and legends about his presumed aggressive nature and for the evident power that his jaws express making many of us tremble, rightly or wrongly. In truth the race of the Pitbull dog it is to be considered reliable, it is certainly not suitable for everyone, but this also applies to many other dogs. It is important, with this, that the bosses do not demand hyperaggressive attitudes.

Pitbull dog: characteristics

The Pitbull dog it is a medium-sized animal with a structure that could be defined as square, almost geometrically: the length from shoulder to hip and that from shoulder to ground are almost identical in the specimens that adhere to the standard.

The head of this dog when viewed from above or from the side, looks like it is wedge-shaped, but if we face a Pitbull dog his skull is round with a well developed jaw. The ears do not show folds, they are set high and carried pink, in some countries they are cropped, unfortunately. The eyes are small and sunken, with an oval or triangular shape, not particularly sweet but without a doubt smart looking.

The nose of this breed we will see that it can take on different colors but beyond the tint, it is always well developed and with nostrils very wide, the neck joins the skull to the body and must be powerful and muscular, continuing towards the short and strong back which hides a deep and well sprung thorax. We finish with the tail: pointed but what a thick part, usually long up to the hock.

Pitbull dog: character

Brave and enterprising, this powerful dog sees a "weak point" in its character because it is the reason why many, even if they are animal lovers, are not convinced they can become attached to the Pitbull dog.

They can change their minds by reading here and listening to the experts, giving this breed a chance to redeem itself. In fact, it will prove to be a dog capable of becoming attached in a particular way to a specific person, electing it as absolute master, his "Fixed" daily, at the center of his actions and thoughts.

Agile and fast, rustic and awake, the Pitbull he is a good defense dog but also an excellent playmate suitable for being with the family if well behaved. Even with children. Much depends on how we relate to him, being a dog selected for decades only for his fighting instinct. This does not mean that he is born and remains aggressive and "bad", it is up to us not to awaken his distant past through a manipulation that we can condemn and avoid by choice.

Pitbull dog: puppies

The puppies of the Pitbull dog they are born to them in known as unrecognized children. Not from the American mother but from the International Cinotechnic Federation (F.C.I.). This breed, which is called the American Pit Bull Terrier in full, is not official even for the American Kennel Club, so far only the United Kennel Club has recognized it, the ADBA holds a registration register. Today the standards to refer to to "evaluate" a puppy there are two.

American Pitbull Dog

Without wishing to replace the associations of experts, we investigate the origins of this dog, theAmerican Pit Bull Terrier, one of the descendants of those ancient molossians that the Romans used in fighting.

From that time until the eighteenth century, they were all called "Bulldog" without distinction but with the inclusion of the "Terrier" towards the following century, various breeds began to appear which were then baptized and fully developed. American Staffordshire Terrier and toAmerican Pit Bull Terrier. In the year 1909 the first "American Pit Bull Association" was born entirely for ours Pitbull dog.

Pitbull Red Nose Dog

The Red Nose is one of the three noses that a Pitbull dog can have, in fact, both the standard ADBA that the UKC one speaks of as many admissible variants: 'black nose ',' red nose 'or' blue nose '.

We have already seen that talking about Pitbull we want to abbreviate "American Pit Bull Terrier", it is not a gesture of contempt or neglect, the same also happens for theAmstaff that stands for American Staffordshire Terrier, and for it Staffy representing the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Returning to ours Pitbull dog, is still waiting to be recognized by the AKC which is the largest among American dog organizations, while it has already pocketed the okay of the others: UKC and ADBA.

Pitbull dog as a guard dog

The Pitbull dog for its physique but also for its character, it is often among the favorites of those looking for a guard dog. Despite being of medium-small size, in fact, it is a powerhouse in this category of dogs and immediately gives the impression of great power and dynamism.

IS' solid and very muscular, but also agile and agile, he teams the intruder and the attacker with a determined, serious and scrutinizing eye, but remains elegant and attentive to his surroundings. You can't ask for more of a guard dog than to be a Pitbull.

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