Sunflower, growing in pots or in the garden

Sunflower, growing in pots or in the garden

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Sunflower, growing in pots or in the gardenHow to grow sunflowers in pots or in the ground, in the vegetable garden. Advice from planting to the care to be allocated to the plant.

Thesunfloweris a splendid plant cultivated for ornamental or food purposes: i sunflower seeds they include important virtues and nutritional properties.

Sunflower, characteristics of the plant

Is calledheliotropismand it is the ability of some plants to constantly orient leaves and flowers in the direction of the sun. Insunflower, heliotrpism is observed in mature flowers that always point to the East, where the sun rises, while those in development are oriented upwards, looking for the sky.

Its botanical name isHelianthus annuus, as the name suggests, it is an annual species. Thesunflowerit can reach and exceed a height of 3 meters but there are some varietiesdwarfsto be grown in pots.

Sunflower flowers can be cut to create home decorations or left on the plant to attract butterflies, insects and birds that will come to feed on the ripe seeds.

Sunflower, flower

We all call itflower, in reality the sunflower is an inflorescence made up of hundreds of flowers.

The composition of thesunflowerprovides dozens offlowersof which only the outermost ones have a single petal. In reality that of thesunflowerit's not even calledpetalbut ligule. The innermost flowers form the disc and can be 150 or more. The false petals of the falsesunflower flowerthey can be from a minimum of 17 up to a maximum of 30.

The outermost flowers of the sunflower are sterile and have the sole function of attracting pollinating insects. Only the innermost flowers, tubular in shape, are fertile and destined to produce, each one, a seed. The sunflower seed.

Sunflower, growing in pots

It cangrowing sunflower in potsboth in its giant varieties and in dwarf varieties. For the cultivation of potted sunflowers get:

  • a container / pot with a size of 20 cm in diameter
  • sunflower seeds or seedlings ready for planting
  • draining soil

The instructions for cultivation are similar for both those who wantgrow in potsboth for those who intend to start acultivation of sunflower in the garden, in the vegetable garden. For further information: how to grow sunflower in pots.

How to continue with the sowing of the sunflower

Prepare the ideal soil for growing sunflowers. Sunflower prefers well-draining soil. At the bottom of the pot, therefore, prepare a layer of gravel or expanded clay on which you will pour fertile soil mixed with pelleted manure.

In the center of the vase, arrange two or three sunflower seeds. Bury them for 2 centimeters and water. The seeds will begin tosproutwithin a week (under ideal conditions).

Keep the soil moist and as the plant develops, insert an adequate support (a branch or a plastic stake) to which the plant can be tied as it grows.

When to sow sunflower, the best time

The most suitable period for thesowingof the sunflower falls in spring, as soon as the temperatures allow. Those who live in the south can start sowing as early as March, those who live in the far north will have to wait until the end of April. The sowing period of the sunflower goes up to the beginning of June.

Planting of the seedlings in the vegetable garden or garden

If you have purchased sunflower plants from your trusted nursery, just at home, transplant them in the ground, in the vegetable garden or in the garden. Dig a hole that is compatible with the size of the earthen bread. Enrich the bottom of the excavation with pelleted manure. Transfer the earthen bread and sunflower plant to the hole. Fill the gaps left with fertile soil and bring them to level, taking care not to leave the collar uncovered or cover it excessively with the soil.

Sunflower, cultivation and care

If well planted, the sunflower does not require special care. The only trick is irrigation. The sunflower should not be wet often so always let the soil dry out between one irrigation and the other in order to prevent any water stagnation that would cause the root system to rot.

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