Summer and spring balcony flowers

Summer and spring balcony flowers

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Summer balcony flowers isspring: flowering plants to grow on the balcony begin to bloom in spring and finish flowering between late summer and early autumn. Advice on which flowers to grow on the balcony, the care to be given to the plants and varieties for each exhibition. Balcony in partial shade, balcony in shade and balcony in full sun.

The most common species of flowering plants, to be grown in pots or in planters, can thrive on the balcony of the house. The care that plants grown on the balcony can never miss range from irrigation to cleaning, from fertilization to repotting. The plants listed below show off their flowers in midsummer but in many cases, on the market, there is no shortage of early flowering hybrids that adorn the balcony already in the second half of spring.

Summer and spring balcony flowers

To ensure thriving blooms, once a month, loosen top soil and add new fertile topsoil where it is missing. Here are the plants to grow in the balcony with summer or late spring flowering.

Petunias, surfinias, potunias and calibrachoa

These plants are easy to grow. When grown in full sun, they should be watered every 24 hours using non-cold water. The water should be distributed slowly and in several steps so as to allow absorption by the clod.

To maximize the flowering of these plants, in mid-summer, perform a timid topping that counteracts excessive development and favors the emission of flowering shoots!

Geraniums on the balcony

Depending on your preferences, you can grow zonal, Parisian or botanical geraniums in pots. In mid-summer, geranium pots are always poor in soil: add soil where it is missing.

The zonal geraniums grown in pots require constant cleaning (on a weekly basis, although the ideal would be every 3 days). Botanical pelargoniums (botanical geraniums) are appreciated more for their fragrant foliage than for their flowers.

Solanum flowering

They need to be bathed regularly and to be fertilized monthly. They tolerate the sultry heat well but if a branch should suddenly dry out, cut it at the base where it is still green. This precaution is useful in case there is a virus attack.

Dipladenia, mandevillea, sundevillea ...

These are climbing plants with showy flowers. They are evergreen but need to be placed in an appropriate shelter during the winter. They are resistant and very floriferous tropical plants. They need a lot of humidity (they need to be watered three times a week) and periodic fertilization (every two weeks). Okay to grow in balcony in full sun as long as the exposure sees the direct rays to the plants during the morning or afternoon hours.

Grow hydrangeas on the balcony

Pot-grown hydrangeas should be watered daily. Hydrangeas can be grown on a balcony in the shade or in partial shade. They do not tolerate full sun on the contrary, excessive irradiation of the planter and the soil would damage the entire vegetation.

To make the plant more resistant to heat, prepare a good mulch until it is level with the edge of the planter.

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Among the most fascinating balcony plants with summer flowering. Hibiscus is a flower that gives us great joy if well kept! For all the treatments to be given to this plant, we refer you to the pageshibiscus, repotting and cultivationishibiscus, diseases and cures.

More summer and spring balcony flowers

Many interesting plants to grow in pots and leave to bloom on the balcony are: salvia splendens, marigold, lobelia, bidens and flowering verbene. Do not underestimate the possibility of growing oleander in pots that require a balcony in full sun. If you have a balcony in the shade or in partial shade, many flowers to grow in pots are listed on the page dedicated toPlants that do not need sun.

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