Piedibus: what it is

Piedibus: what it is

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Piedibus, the best way to get to schools in a good mood, even after months of vacation, even on rainy Mondays, even on test or interrogation days. IS' a bus made of people, of many pupils and some adults of good will who, anywhere and at any time, can organize a Piedibus, a safe, ecological and fun way to get to and from school in good company, without polluting and contributing to traffic on the streets.

Piedibus: what it is

Let's imagine a bus, a school bus, indeed, but… without a bus. here is the Piedibus, a vehicle that does not run on petrol but on foot, a real one caravan of children who go and come back from school all together, accompanied by some adults who ensure safety, guidance and punctuality. There are usually at least two "greats" of the Piedibus, one acts as a driver, and is the first of the group, the other is at the back and acts as a controller. Not tickets, though, because they're not required to board this one ecological bus.

Ecological but like all school buses they have always done, it starts from a terminus and proceeds at a good pace, never hindered by traffic, along a predetermined route, collecting sleepy passengers-pupils at the planned "stops".

Sun or rain, fog or heat, the Piedibus does not miss a ride, whoever “climbs” wears a reflective vest visible even in the foggiest autumns of the Po Valley. Meanwhile, we chat with friends, also learning how to walk the streets in complete safety, without being invested and without getting lost.

Pedibus: why?

Already the idea of ​​one small caravan to schools, of a colorful snake of backpacks, jackets and small heads to grow, is exciting, by itself, but no more poetry and cheerfulness of the image, even the most "cold" will find reasons to appreciate the Piedibus.

Pragmatically speaking, there are many advantages, not to mention the environmental impact that this bottom-up initiative could have if it spread more widely. Here is 10 reasons out of the many to organize or participate in the Piedibus.

1 It's fun, all together it forms a colorful snake
2 It's nice, while walking and chatting you get to know each otherbetter and you do friendship
3 IS sure, there is an adult accompanying
4 It is healthy to walk is good
5 IS ecological, fewer cars are used and less polluted
6 It is important, you do something useful for yourself, others,the environment
7 IS educational, you learn to recognize the dangers of the roadand to behave correctly
8 It is useful, reduces stress of mom and dad avoiding traffic jamsin front of the school
9 IS cheap, walking costs nothing
10 It's contagious, it makes you want even to the laziest to go on foot!

Pedibus in Milan

Since 2008 the The municipality of Milan, together with some associations, he started the experimental project "We walk to school with friends " in order to provide a model for the implementation of Pedibus in the schools of their territory.

School facilities that therefore want to organize themselves, or parents, can count on the full support of the municipal administration and excellent organizational support that greatly facilitates things. Before putting a Pedibus, in fact, not everyone knows that it is important to map the neighborhood in order to better define the routes. They can be one or many, and sometimes they go made safe before leaving and walking.

A bit of goodwill and collaboration, however, and the densely "circulated" city of Milan is also organizing many Pedibuses, they can leave for the whole school year and are an important moment to cultivate the sensitivity of the little ones and their parents, on respect for the environment, on health and road safety by chatting and walking, having fun and going forward together. In every sense.

Piedibus in Lecce

In the vicinity of Lecce there is the Piedibus Campi Salentina of the school located in the village of the same name, in Piazza Giovanni XXIII. This initiative was born in 2011 thanks to a proposal from the Arma Aeronautica di Campi Association which then passed the baton to a willing group of parents.

In fact even today the Piedibus brings many children to school thanks to the commitment of the Champion Parents Committee with ben 5 lines which connect the main points of the town with two schools. The routes are red, blue, green, yellow, orange but every morning it is not necessary to dress to match your line.

Piedibus in Como

The Piedibus Lipomo, in the town of the same name in the province of Como, it started during the last week of the 2012/2013 school year, and has continued to function, much appreciated by young and old. Also last school year it "circulated" regularly and the yellow line was added to the initial red line, and also the blue one.

In conjunction with the initiative, a concorso among children of primary school involved to invent a logo and an avatar, a great idea to increase the number of passengers on the Piedibus and the environmental awareness of all families.

Piedibus in Naples

A Piedibus particularly healthy is the one started in the schools in the center of Nola, the pupils have started a pilot project that is taking hold in the true sense of the word. experimental plan which will then become effective at the beginning of the next school year.

This excellent example that emerged in the Neapolitan area was coordinated by the Nolana Area Agency on behalf of the municipal administration and is part of the strategies envisaged by the parking plan managed by the public company. In addition to the "classic" organizational structure always provided for Piedibus, this of Nola also provided a kit, provided by the Nolana Area Agency, for a snack. And in a perfect green line because it is based on fresh fruit and in season: walking together and eating well, to grow better.

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